Lactuca. Homeopathy

(includes Lactuca virosa [or Poison] and Lactuca Native [Lettuce Comun])
1 - () Melancholy, sadness, with strange ideas and exaggerated, with terrible apprehension. Anguish agitated. Tearfulness.
2 - () Excessive moodiness worse from the slightest contradiction, with aversion to work and inability to stay in bed. Delirium tremens, with insomnia, cold and shivering. Great restlessness.
3 difficulty thinking, it causes headache. Aversion to mental work, you mix the thoughts and can not synthesize them. Search multiple sites before finding anything.
4 - () or tight feeling to be adjusted throughout the body, but especially in the thorax (at the bottom), in the face, left breast and liver. Another feature is the feeling extraordinary lightness throughout the body or in different parts, which increases the open air feels as if swimming in bed.
5 - () Worse, from touch and pressure (not allowed); of tomorrow, for sneezing in a warm room. Better: open air.
6 Never feel rested, weakness, fatigue, severe tiredness, unsteady gait, tends to stumble when walking. Seizures in women. Tires with bowel movements.
P 7 Confusion in the head. Feeling of emptiness or lightness in the head.
Vertigo, sometimes fall, dimming of vision, weight occipital worse in a warm room. Feeling very big head. Pain like a nail in the vertex or occiput, worse when touched. Pressing headache, sometimes with the sensation that the brain ripple here and there, worse from warmth of the room. Headache worse by coughing or waking in the morning or motion in forehead and temples. Sensation of weight or fullness cephalic.
Pulsation in the head at rest.
8 - () Itching eyebrows. Burning eyes, especially in the eyelids.
Conjunctiva red with mucous secretion in the elderly. Distended feeling in his right eye. Mydriasis. Vision cloudy, as by a veil or a cloud, with heat in his eyes. Floaters after eating or stooping. Hemiopia.
9 earache. Ringing doorbells and, worse at night in bed.
10 distended feeling in the tip of the nose. Frequent sneezing, with aggravation of chest symptoms or pain excoriating. Coryza with excoriation and dryness in the nose.
with tenesmus. Very constipated, bowel movements once a week, hard stools.
14 - () Frequent kidney pain. Repeatedly stated desire to urinate large quantities, day and night, with pain if you try to hold back. Diabetes.
15 Erections intense in the morning with severe back pain that prevent intercourse. Nocturnal emissions.
16 - () Pain in right ovary, worse by exercise or walking fast.
Menses scanty, delayed, abundant, with pain in the sacral and hypogastric and vulvar itching. Flow that stains the linen yellow; if nasal secretion is suppressed. Heaviness and bearing down as if falling utero. During pregnancy: morning sickness, salivation, nausea and vomiting, regurgitation that improve with breakfast. Breast pains that extend to the hands, with axillary adenopathy.
17 Hoarseness, aphonia, after rising, the voice is hissing, screeching when she wants to speak loudly. Coughing hard, dry, hoarse, spasmodic, for laryngeal irritation or dryness. Soreness in the left thorax.
Cutting pain in the upper third of right lung.
18 lumbosacral pain spread to the shoulders, worse on walking.
19 - () Rheumatic pains in the limbs (see 2) especially in the knees. Right sciatica, on rising from bed, with steady beats, and lasting all day. Copious sweat on the feet. Chills in the limbs.
20 Sleep restless, not sleeping well.
21 Cold and sometimes chills. Flushes. Copious sweats.
Rough, dry skin 22. Red, worst on the thighs. Itching and burning,
worse from cold.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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