Laryngitis: Symptoms

Definition of Laryngitis
Laryngitis is defined as inflammation of the larynx, especially its mucosa.

Symptoms of laryngitis
Symptoms of acute catarrhal laryngitis
In acute catarrhal laryngitis, the most common of all symptoms are:
* Swelling of the laryngeal mucosa
* Redness of the laryngeal mucosa
* Redness of the vocal cords
* Hoarseness or lack of voice (aphonia)
* Itching
* Tingling or burning in the throat (rarely pain)
* Cough, initially dry, then more or less abundant expectoration
* Fever

Symptoms of laryngitis subglottic stridulus (false croup)
When the child inflammation occurs in the last portion of the larynx occurs stridulus laryngitis.

Symptoms of the condition of the larynx are:
* Frequent sneezing
* Fever
* Loud cough and dog the more severe the stenosis (narrowing) of the duct laryngeal
* Breathing stridulus
* Difficulty in breathing

Symptoms of chronic laryngitis
The symptoms are usually the same as acute catarrhal laryngitis, but more attenuated:
Continuous itching or tingling in the throat with the need to clarify the voice through continuous fits of coughing.

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