Latrodecius mactans. Homeopathy

(Arana poisonous "Black Widow")
1 - () Terrible anxiety cries intensely saying that will stop your breath and will die by the intense constriction of the chest that feels.
Great fear of death.
2 - () end state of irritation, afraid to go crazy. Sensitive to noise.
3 - () Speaks haltingly, with tears.
4 - () prostration, weakness, lack of vital heat.
5 - () Worse least motion. Better: sitting still, for a hot bath. Left sided.
6 - () bleeding blood does not clot, with sangria clotting time and increased with fall in prothrombin level.
Constrictive 7 Vertigo and headache worse from 14 to 15 hours. Hair loss.
8 constant throbbing pain in his eyes.
9 Otalgia right.
Nasal Obstruction 10. Thick yellow discharge.
11 - () Face with expression of extreme anxiety.
12 - () Tongue white. Hypertrophy of tongue papillae. Trembling of the tongue. Sialorrhea.
13 Gargante red, dry. Tonsillitis, with pain on swallowing.
14 - () Extreme thirst, and vomiting what you drink. Belching. Anorexia. Weakness or epigastric vacuum or constriction. Nausea followed by stomach pains. Copious vomiting of black blood that would improve it.
15 - () colicky abdominal wall hard, like a chronic muscle cramping abdominal.
16 - () anal constriction. Tarry stools.
17 - () urethral burning pains when urinating. Red urine, with albuminuria,
hematuria and casts.
Frequent erections 18. Testicle pain, worse on the right and aggravated by movement. Sweats in the genitals.
19 - () very slow breathing to gasping, believes she will drown. Cough, with hawking. Coughing yellow, acrid, thick. Bronchial Rales. Pulmonary edema.
20 - () The heart is the main field of action of this drug.
Violent constricting pain in and around the heart and chest, extending to the arm, shoulder and the entire left upper limb, to the toes, with numbness and paresis of all the member; accompanied by apnea, intense anxiety and fear screams to die (see 1 and ll), with tachycardia and pulse very weak, thready, with cold in the body and aggravation from the slightest movement, even of the hand. Sometimes the pain radiates to both arms or abdomen. It is, perhaps, the principal remedy for angina pectoris.
21 Cramps dorsal and lumbar vertebrae and around the thorax.
22 - () tremor. Cramps in the limbs. Paresis of lower limbs. Weakness in the legs. Burning in the soles of the feet.
23 Insomnia. Sleep disturbed, anxious.
24 Shivering with fever and cold sweats copious.
25 - () skin white and cold as marble, cold, or cyanotic. Itchy rashes. Tingling and sensitivity of the skin, which is very painful, at the slightest touch (more on the lumbo sacral region, hips and upper thighs).
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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