Laurocerasus. Homeopathy

(Prunus laurocerasus Cherry Laurel)
1 Great anxiety, apprehension and anxiety that does not leave a moment's rest.
Fear and anxiety over imagined evils. Great trouble and precipitation.
2 Inability to baste ideas. Intellectual disability. Poor memory.
Aversion to mental work. Lightheadedness and loss of consciousness, can not speak or move.
Irritable 3, talkative, with pains in the upper limbs and inability to hold things with his hands.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis laurocerasus
4 - () Cyanosis, especially in the newborn mind and heart disease. The skin becomes cyanotic and fingertip hypertrophy.
Generally, this symptom will be accompanied by breathing to gasping (see 22 and 23).
5 - () Lack of reaction for lack of vitality, especially in heart and lung disease: the patient does not respond to appropriate medication.
This weakened, still in bed. Ninas weak, thinned, anemic.
States of collapse. Prostration before rising in the morning.
6 - () Aggravation or appearance of symptoms: before eating, when bending, sitting upright, in the evening and night, from motion. Better: for sleep outdoors.
7 Epileptic convulsions and foaming mouth tightly closed mouth. Spasmodic twitching in fits and convulsions. Tetanus. Fainting very long.
8 blood Bleeding in limited quantity and bright red.
SPECIFIC laurocerasus
9 - () Vertigo on rising from stooping or sitting with blurred vision and the feeling that all objects revolve around it, worse outdoors. Headache stuns him with feeling of weight and, stooping, felt that the brain falls forward and hits the skull. Feel the brain contracted and painful. Stitches in the head. Pressing headache in one room. Itching of the scalp. Constant sensation of cold in the head, especially on the forehead and vertex, as if a cold wind blowing down the neck to the back, worse in a warm room, better outdoors. As if ice on vertex. Congestion of the head with heat and pulsations.
10 Burning and dryness in the eyes. Eyes wide open or half closed, seizures, prominent and permanent. Mydriasis and pupillary areflexia.
Dimming of vision. Objects look bigger than they are.
11 Hearing loss. Tingling or itching in the ears.
Nasal Obstruction 12. Coryza with sore throat.
13 - () Face sunken, pale, sallow or gray puffy and swollen. Distorted features. Cramps in the jaws. Lockjaw. Twitching in the muscles of the face. Perioral eruption. Titillation in the face, as if he were walking flies and spiders. Pain in the jaw. Yellow spots on the face.
14 - () Dry mouth and sticky. Foam mouth. Feel the cold tongue, or burned and sleep. Tongue white, dry and rough. Swelling and stiffness in the left side of the tongue. Pungent taste, sweetish.
15 - () spasmodic contractions or cramps in the throat and esophagus, especially when drinking, with an audible gurgling sound of liquid passing through the esophagus and intestines. Sore throat, swallowing, as if pulled down. Dysphagia. Feeling of lump in the throat. Sensation of cold or heat and burning in the throat and palate.
16 - () Burning thirst with dry mouth. Anorexia with clean language and repugnance to food. Sensation of gastric emptying between meals, sputum streaked with blood. Violent eructation of air with food taste, or bitter. Nausea being near a stove. Black vomit. Hiccups. Gastralgias intense or cramps that cause fainting. Burning or cold in the stomach and abdomen.
Gastralgia when urinating.
17 - () strains to the liver region, with intense pain as if a wound or an abscess, throbbing pain, worse on inspiration, extending to the shoulders. Induration of liver. Liver atrophy with nodules. Cramps, contractions, and cutting in the belly.
Flatulent Colic below the navel, with punctures. Rumbling. Cramps and stitches in English, forcing him to bend. Peritonitis.
18 Constipation with hard stool and supporters, expelled with great effort.
Ineffectual urging to stool, and only removes gases. Diarrhea with tenesmus and burning pains in the anus, with watery stools and greenish. Involuntary loss of fecal anal sphincter paralysis. Cramps or stitches in the rectum that go up. Rectal constriction. Itching or tingling in the rectum, as if I had parasites.
19 Retention of urine incontinence. Paralysis of the bladder. Urine pale yellow, watery, frothy, with thick reddish sediment.
20 Sexual desire increased. Voluptuous itching under the foreskin, with desires. Gangrene of male genitals. Pain in right spermatic cord, worse lying down and moving, best sense.
Menstruation 21 abundant and advanced; liquid blood, or dark with large blood clots during menopause. Relieves pain from uterine and rectal cancer. Dysmenorrhea. In pregnancy, suffocation and palpitations. Burning and stinging like needles and under the breasts, especially in left, with skin sensitive to touch.
22 - () Hoarseness, with roughness in the larynx low, deep voice. Spasmodic constriction of the trachea. Spasmodic cough, paroxysmal, almost incessant, often followed by an abundant expectoration, gelatinous, streaked with blood, choking and gasping for breath, especially heart disease, better lying down. Persistent dry cough and tuberculosis.
Pertussis with prostration. Slowed breathing, anxious, or noisy, rattling or gasps. Asthma. Constriction with chest tightness; stitches and burning.
Pneumonia. Affections of the left thorax.
23 - () chest pain. Heart irregular, slow and weak pulse. The patient is constantly out to his heart, as if sensing something, usually for a short run, climb stairs, walk or any effort, situations that cause intense dyspnea and shortness of breath with a gasping breath, with improvement when lying or outdoors, often with cyanosis and cold in the body. Cough heart.
Heart diseases. Angina pectoris, with pain or precordial stitches and feeling of constriction, like a claw. Dyspnea speaking during menstruation, sitting (more upright), stooping. Palpitations that wake up at night. Mitral regurgitation.
24 Painful stiffness in the left side of the neck, in the sacrum when writing, best to sit upright. Pressure on the neck that makes you tilt your head forward, worse outdoors. Pain in back and the chest down, with dyspnea. Stitches in the right side pains extending to the pubis. Burning in the coccyx at 16 hours.
25 pains in the shoulders. Stitches on the elbows. Pain as if sprained right wrist. Burning Hands, with dilated veins. Tremor.
Dry and rough skin between the toes, with burning wet with water. Cyanosis in their hands on some of the fingers. Fingers swollen at the tip. Pain as if sprained in left hip joint. Stitches in the knees.
Feet fall asleep while sitting or crossing legs. Painful ulcers in the heel. Stiff feet when getting up from a chair. Cold feet, worse in open air.
26 Yawning frequently with shivering and goose bumps. Daytime sleepiness, worse after eating. Deep sleep with snoring. Coma vigil.
Insomnia over excitement.
27 Chills and fever with shivering worse by the heat of a fire or bed. Alternating chills and fever. Heat down the back. Sweating during fever, which continue all night sweating when eating. Body cold, cold skin, lack of vital heat.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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