The laws of healing through food

In natural medicine is very popular Hippocratic a saying: "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food". This proverb has been well understood, is, and can be for many people a new path toward true health without resorting to chemical medicine with its deadly drug side effects in many cases.

Dr. Bernard Jensen, a world authority in the field of herbal medicine, Iridology and the search for holistic health through nature during the past century, always strove to put into practice when dealing with thousands of patients, with excellent results as well as their patients testify, as his closest associates and, of course, excellent books on natural medicine.

We encourage all those interested in a full health, use them as reference for how to fight disease, and how to find remedies for their ailments. These books highlight: "My system naturist", "Nature has a remedy," "juice therapy", "Cleaning up through the gut tissues and one of his latest book" Body radiant.

With this article, "The laws of healing through food" began, and serves as a index to a series of articles on the laws that we should consider using nutrition as a therapeutic measure but based on the laws or rules as the Dr. Bernard Jensen developed.

We do not mean that food in itself be the panacea that will cure everything, but I assure you that without a change in eating everything else lose its effectiveness.

The following are the laws that Dr. Jensen advises us to follow. In subsequent articles analyze them one by one and explain why these food standards and their practical application. As you will see are not mere whim of a "naturopath witty, but have the scientific basis, the logic that nature teaches us, and experience over 65 years serving the health of their patients.

Thank you, Mr. Jensen for his invaluable advice!

1. Food should be natural, complete, whole
, pure and fresh.
Reason: while the food is closest to nature, the higher its nutritional value.

2. We eat raw at least 60% of our food.

Reason: Not because they taste better but because they are more beneficial. Crude provide us with more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, bolus intestinal food because they are "alive" found at the top of the nutritional value, if properly selected.

3. We must eat six vegetables, two fruits, a starch and a protein, every day.
Reason: The vegetables are high in fiber and minerals. Fruits are high in natural sugar and vitamins.

4. Our food should be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.
Reason: found that 80% of the nutrients in the blood are 20% alkaline and acidic. To preserve the blood as it should, six vegetables and two fruits make up that 80% of alkaline foods we need, while protein and starch are 20% of acidic foods.

5. Variety: Change of sugars, proteins, starches, vegetables and fruits from meal to meal and overnight.
Reason: every organ in our body needs a chemical element more than others to stay healthy.

6. Eat in moderation.
Reason: people who have reached age 120 years and weigh the same as when they were twenty years.

7. Combinations: separate the starch and protein.
Reason: take your protein and starch in different foods, not because they do not digest well together, but so can eating more fruits and vegetables at every meal.

8. Be careful with the water you drink.
Reason: most public water systems are high in chemicals because the groundwater sources are increasingly contaminated.

9. Cook on appliances requiring little heat and little water, cook with little water or no water and not boil too.

Reason: the high temperature, kitchens with exposure to water and air eliminators are the three major nutrients. the most effective means to cook food and to preserve their high nutritional value, it simmer in stainless steel pans with lids closed hydraulically. Used for baking pans with glass lid. I also recommend using the clay pot, offering another method of cooking at low temperature.

10. If you like to eat meat, eat poultry and fish, Broil in the oven or grilled, but do not consume more than three times a week.

Reason: roasting or grilling, far from being a perfect cooking method is at least more acceptable in relation to retain more nutritional value. Cook over the lowest temperature to retain most of the food value.

11. Avoid overeating one or a few foods in your diet.

Reason: too much of one or more foods may provide too much of certain chemicals in the body, causing irritation, inflammation or allergies.

12. Do not omit important foods.

Reason: our health is determined both by what we do not eat what we eat, what nutritional deficiencies can cause diseases that take us further.

Source: "juice therapy". Author: Bernard Jensen

*Automatic Translation