Leandri Lophophytum Schott & Endl. Homeopathy

Lophophytum Schott & Endl Leandri
(Flower of Stone)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Lophophytum Schott & Endl Leandri
1 Difficulty concentrating and studying. Confusion, as stupefied.
0 while his mind is alert and bright.
Restless 2. Depressed.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Lophophytum Schott & Endl Leandri
3 - () Worse: evening; strain. Better: open air, by heat.
4 - () Laterality left.
5 - () Grand sudden fatigue, especially morning. Fatigued.
Leandri Lophophytum Schott & Endl SPECIFIC
6 - () Vertigo, with tendency to fall to the left. Throbbing frontal headache, with nausea, worse in the evening. Right frontal headache tomorrow, better outdoors. Frontal or occipital headache, as if brain would burst, with visual disturbances and zigzags on the edge of the visual field.
Left frontal or temporal headache, better outdoors.
7 Heaviness in the eyes, pressing pain to read. Stye in the right lower eyelid. eye "stewed". Decreased visual acuity.
8 Itching in the ear canal.
9 Entry of sneezing. Watery coryza, or dry nose. Little smell.
Face flushed 10 tomorrow. Stains on the face. Herpes on the lips.
Mouth and lips 11. Ulcers in the mouth, tongue and lips. Decreased sense of taste.
12 - () Sore throat, dry, burning or raw, worse on awakening or at dusk, with dysphagia. Foreign body sensation in the pharynx.
Sharp cutting pains in the throat. Feeling of constriction or tightness around the neck. Congestion thyroid. It seems to be an important drug in simple goiter, in Basedow and the hyper-and hypothyroidism (Dr. J. Fourmon) as well as in distiroidismo (O. Julian) (used to 6AX).
13 - () Extreme thirst. Gastric discomfort traveler. Gastric emptying, languor, with ravenous hunger. Heartburn. Nausea with stomach pains and diarrhea. Hard belly with constipation. Abdominal distension with fullness and heaviness; not tolerate the pressure of the underwear. Right upper quadrant pain.
14 - () The tendency to diarrhea, with stools gray or pale yellow.
15 Frequent urination, with pain.
16 - () Menses frequent, profuse and painful. Fujo green.
17 - () Hoarseness. Dry cough, pounding, irritating. Pains in chest, worse on movement and deep breathing. Tightness in the right hemithorax.
18 - () Palpitations. Chest pain, with painful drawing sensation in the left upper limb and tingling in his left hand. Coronary insufficiency. Sensation of thrill in the heart while lying down.
19 - () Pain in right shoulder when lifting the arm. Painful drawing and pricking in the arm, elbow and left hand. Sharp pain in left knee, worse walking. Heaviness in the legs. Joint pain ie the toes. Cold feet. Drawing pain in right thigh, going down to the calf and heel. Edematous something right foot and sensitive to pressure. Red spots on the thighs.
20 Sleep restless, disturbed by dreams and warmth of the bed.
Sleepiness and yawning during the day.
21 - () Flushes of heat with profuse perspiration.
22 - () Generalized itching, but particularly in ears, scalp, arms, face, abdomen and anus. Sweating.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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