Ledum palustre. Homeopathy

(Romero Wildlife Swamp)
1 - () Desire for solitude. Misanthrope. Shy.
2 - () Moody, prone to anger, rage, vehemently. Discontent; hates his peers, to homnbres with revenge.
3 Anxiety; or imperturbable gravity.
4 - () One of the main drugs for rheumatism and especially gout, both acute and chronic. Pains are sticking, tearing, throbbing, settling in the joints, especially in the small (see 26), which have around your painful nodules or tophi and crack on motion. The pain suddenly change places, jumping very quickly from one joint to another and always from the bottom up, and in the same or in subsequent attacks, usually starting in the feet, aggravated at night, motion and the warmth of bed (it is intolerable, and is revealed or leaves) or local, to improve the local cold for a cold bath or putting your feet and legs in cold water or felada, although the joints, pale and swollen, are cold to the touch (but not subjectively).
5 - () is the main drug stings of insects (especially bees, wasps and mosquitoes) or bites, especially rats, or any puncture wound (made with sharp objects or sharp point, such as nails, thorns, needles , chips, splinters, etc.). or pervasive, especially in palms of hands and soles of feet, or when the tip of the fingers is crushed or lacerated, and in the wounds of the dissectors. In all these cases, the wound becomes cold to the touch, although the patient did not feel cold. In the case of stings, the pain is sharp or throbbing and aggravated by heat of bed, getting better with local cold, even though the affected area is often cold to the touch (not subjectively), as pale and asleep and, often, with bruising and severe itching. Disorders, although distant from a stab wound.
6 - () In connection with the above, many authors consider Ledum important as the best preventive tetanus prophylaxis (or even in his treatment), when there are wounds from nails (or otherwise) on the soles of the feet , palms of hands and fingers, especially when the wound becomes as cold as ice or, later, when the spasms begin in the wound, muscle spasms in the chest, opisthotonos, stiffness in the back (more on the cervical region) and tonic. It may be preventively to 30th or the 200th, once per day, and may be relevant to the effects of anti-tetanus serum.
7 - () The tendency to bleeding, especially bright red blood, but may be black. Spontaneous or traumatic ecchymosis (see 12 and 29). The bleeding from a jet leaving holes.
8 - () Aggravation (or appearance) of symptoms: heat of the bed or the heat in general, in the evening and night, until midnight, for drinking wine, for the movement or walk strong, to be filled or covered. Best: from cold, a cold bath, by putting his feet in cold water or ice, at rest.
9 - () after injury or trauma, is long colored the affected, blue-black color, is green or pale and the area is asleep. Likewise, the parties concerned thin, especially sore.
10 - () Lack of vital heat, with cold body, but not heat tolerant.
Disorders in people who are always cold, which feels cold and have chills. In drinkers, particularly of whiskey (the antidote). In people pale and delicate.
11 - () Vertigo with tendency to fall backward, forward or side. Worse when bending over or outdoors or walking. Throbbing headache or pressive. Do not tolerate anything that covers her head; aversion to the hat. One false move painfully shaken brain. Itching as having head lice.
Pus pimples on the forehead and cheeks, which pierce to the touch.
12 - () Injuries from blows (over cuffs) or contusions to the eyes, with * bundante extravasation of blood, and periocular ecchymosis, eyelid and conjunctiva. According to Nash, Ledum is incomparable, in the 200th, in the "black eye" or "stewed". Hemorrhage of the anterior chamber of the eye after an iridectomy. Itching in the inner corners of eyes. Fetida ocular inflammation with suppuration, pain and eyelids stuck together. Tearing burning, hurting the lower eyelids and cheeks. Mydriasis. See sparks.
13 Noise in the ears, ringing, ringing, roaring and whistling. Right hearing loss, ear and clogged.
14 Nose hurts to the touch; violent burning. Epistaxis pale blood.
15 Face bloated, sometimes red, sometimes pale. Tuberous red rashes on the face, such as drinkers, with pain when touched. Dry, scaly rashes that burn outdoors. Facial neuralgia.
16 inchazos in front of the tongue. Feida breath. Bitter taste.
Oral bleeding. Sialorrhea.
17 Sore throat while swallowing and then. Sensation of plug, with pain on swallowing.
18 Violent thirst for cold water. Anorexia with satiety. Sternal pain when eating in a hurry. Nausea to expectorate. Regurgitation. Gastric pressure by a light meal.
19 Pain in the belly, as if intestines were bruised.
Fullness in the upper abdomen. Colicos from the navel to the anus, feeling it was to have diarrhea.
Constipation 20. Diarrhea with mucus and blood stools. Abundant flatus. Hemorrhoids that burn and bleed.
21 - () Burning in urethra after urination. Frequent interruptions of the jet as urine. Frequent urination with oliguria. Polyuria.
Abundant red gravel in the urine when the patient is better.
22 Violent and prolonged erections, an increase of desires. Pollution of semen Blood or serum. Balanitis. Inflammatory swelling of the penis, urethra almost occluded.
23 - () Menses too early and copious, bright red blood, with full body cooling, and yet, wanting to cold air.
24 - () Tingling laryngeal. Spasmodic as whooping cough, with nosebleed.
Cough in morning and night, with purulent, yellowish or greenish, and fetida, with palpitations. Hollow cough, that shakes, with bright red blood hemoptysis. Hemoptysis alternating with rheumatic or hip pain crisis. Tuberculosis. Painful breathing, spasmodic sobbing.
Dyspnea when climbing stairs. Constrictive oppression of the chest, worse on movement or walking. Chest pain when breathing, as if something alive. Pains in the chest by lifting or moving the arms. Eruptions on the chest, red spots and milia, with intense itching. Retrosternal pain excoriating. Pressure inwards on the left edge of the sternum, with heart palpitations.
25 Painful stiffness in the back and lower back after sitting or at dusk. Violent pain, like cramping in the hips, in the evening.
26 - () Heat and prolonged sweating hands and feet. Acute and chronic gout * as joints, tophi and crunches that hurt the movement, with localization especially in the knees, ankles, feet and especially in the metatarsal joint Falag