Ledum palustre. Homeopathy. Summary

LEDUM PALUSTRE (Family of the Ericaceae)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Ledum
1 .- ecchymoses and hemorrhagic manifestations, as a result of trauma with hemorrhagic stroke at the level of the soft parts, first bluish, then greenish-yellow to slow resolution. Ocular trauma (shiner).

2 .- As a result of insect bites and as a preventative for those who are prone to insect bites.

3 .- puncture wound (thorn, nail, punch), bites that bleed and pain located in the heart of the trauma, complications following parenteral injection (intramuscular, intravenous)

4 .- acute gout with painful swelling in the big toe. Painful sensibility in the foot.

5 .- Joint pain aggravated by movement and relieved by cold applications. Pain valgus big toe.

6 .- Acne rosacea of the ether.

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