Lepidium bonariense. Homeopathy

LEPIDIUM bonariense
(L mastruco Berro Brazil)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis LEPIDIUM bonariense
1 Tristan and argumentative. Can not think.
2 - () You imagine qe floor sinks beneath it. Think it is haunted by a ghost or enemies in the cemetery, and screams.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis LEPIDIUM bonariense
3 - () Laterality Left unchecked, especially acute lancinating or stabbing or throbbing, especially in the heart, thorax
left, spleen, and left hip or knee. The pains are erratic.
4 Worse stooping; by turning the head to the right, to be covered.
Desire and aversion of Lepidium bonariense
5 Desire for tea, coffee, chocolate, watercress salad, vinegar, fruit. Aversion to meat.
6 Vertigo with nausea. Headache: Pressing; constrictive, throbbing, flexes head. Sensation of the brain tied, with pain in the left side. Tearing in forehead and root of the nose. Throbbing headache on the left side. Heaviness on the left. Heat in the head with cold sweat and fever. Scalp sensitive.
7 Burning and redness in the eyes. Painful heaviness around his right eye. Blurred vision, as through a white gauze.
8 Itching in right ear, worse when stooping; punctures. Toothache with deafness. Noises in the ears, when swallowing.
9 Nose swollen and painful left side. Coryza. Heat in the nose
with sensation of a stream of cold air in the left nostril.
10 Pain in the right cheek, better by pressure. Cutting from temple to chin. Heat on the left side of the face. Itching from one ear to the other passing under the chin.
Toothache 11 on the lower teeth, with deafness. Sense of soft teeth.
Itching and 12 stitches in his tongue. Drawing pain from tongue to arm feels swollen tongue. Burning at the tip of the tongue. Saliva salt.
13 Heat in the throat, like vomiting and ringing in the ears on swallowing.
14 - () Loathing for food, with prostration. Sour or offensive. Oppression and stitches in the epigastrium after eating. Senacion of languor in the
stomach, of discomfort or sharp pain in the epigastrium or shaking.
15 lancinating pain in the belly and sides. Colic by parasites, with tenesmus. Sense of tape or bandage around the trunk. Pain in the spleen.
16 Weight and pressure in the bladder when urinating. Dark urine.
17 - () Cough with hoarseness with mild hemoptysis. Salty expectoration, thick.
Pain in the right side of the chest, which impedes breathing. Twitching in the muscles below the right breast. Cold in the chest. Sensation of a thread in the right breast. Itching nipples, and swelling and hardness of the breasts.
Sticking between the breasts.
18 - () Palpitations with pain that makes breathing difficult. Convulsive trembling of the heart. Sensation of a knife slowly penetrating into the heart. Constrictive chest pain, extended to the axilla and left upper limb, with numbness. Sharp points in the precordial region and under false ribs.
19 Acute pain in the muscles of the neck and shoulder blade. Sensation of a thread that pulls from the shoulder to the ear. Cramp in the left neck, arm extended. Pain in side of neck, worse turning the head to the clerecha. Stitches in the shoulder blade. Back pain as a nail.
20 Cutting pain in the left axilla. Violent pain in ouperior member, you can not stretch or lift. Pain in right arm as if by a stroke, with numbness. He sleeps the left upper limb.
Cramp in the left hand. Itching on the back of his hand. Lancinating pain in his right hand and shoulder blades. Pinching the tip of the index.
Pain in right hip, in the left gluteus maximus, as contracted.
Stiffness in the popliteal fossa. Sharp pain in right tibia.
21 Longing to yawn. No sleep until midnight. Sueno heavy, feeling of being beaten on waking. Sounds talking to dead people; sad dreams in fear of awakening.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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