Leptandra. Homeopathy

(L. Virginica Raiz Negra)
1 Dejected, sad and irritable all day, sleepy.
2 - () Worse: motion; by wet weather, by sudden changes in time, drinking cold water. Best: after a bowel movement, lying on the stomach.
3-sided: right. Periodicity access.
4 intensities weakness and exhaustion: can barely stand or walk.
5 - () Very dizzy when walking. Intense and deep frontal headache, worse in the temples, with umbilical pain, worse on walking (it is intolerable), with feeling that you pull the hair. Migraines with foul tongue. Bilious headache, with bitter taste and constipation.
6 Burning and sore eyes. Profuse lacrimation. Eyelids glued to the morning. Conjunctiva yellow.
7 languages yellow, or black in the center, or brown. Taste bitter or ugly.
8 - () Ravenous hunger, especially in the early morning waking with intense gastralgia; better after breakfast. Acid regurgitation. With severe nausea or fainting sensation of gastric empty, worse on rising. Bilious vomiting. Burning pain in stomach, worse from drinking water.
9 - () The liver and intestine are the two fundamental fields Leptandra action. This indicated liver disease with right upper quadrant pain, especially at the level of the gallbladder, which radiate to the spinal cord and left shoulder blade, or pain between navel and epigastric or umbilical; Newspapers of biliary colic attacks every two or three months, with jaundice and stool as putty or, more frequently, with black stool characteristics (see 10). Rumbling, especially in the hypogastric. Often there is congestion of the liver and biliary hypersecretion portal stasis, with pain exacerbated by touch or by pressure and lying on the right side, and by lying face down.
10 - () Diarrhea often accompanies hepatic discomfort with abundant stools, black as pitch, fetid, urgent and emerging as a tap, or may be greenish, yellow, or brown, watery, undigested, or putty color. The worst diarrhea this morning barely lueve or later, or by eating meat or vegetables, or in very humid weather, and is preceded, but followed more often, cutting umbilical intense pain. Dysentery or typhoid with black stools. Stools may be alternately black or discolored. Constipation with hard, black stool in the first part of the deposition, followed by loose stools. Protruding piles and bleeding with liver disorders. Rectal tenesmus.
11 red or orange urine, low back pain.
12 Periods suppressed or delayed. Fetid discharge orifice with ulceration of the cervix.
13 chest pain, with slow pulse and full.
14 acute pain or pain and discomfort in the lumbar region.
15 Pain in the shoulder and right upper limb. Severe pain in the wrists from morning until noon, worse on the left.
Restless sleep after 16 midnight.
17 shiver down the spine down, in the shoulders and right arm. Shivering with cold and dormant members. Bilious fevers. Typhoid.
Hot, dry skin 18.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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