Lettuce. Lentil. Limon

Lettuce: A food superbasico its alkaline mineral salts. It has very low amount of calories. For its wealth in minerals and vitamins is much appreciated and helps growth, prevents rickets, anemia and combat chlorosis or mineral impoverishment of the blood. Besides the calcium plus vitamin E contains the equivalent of milk. It stimulates the appetite, purifies the blood, stimulates the secretion of milk by women. It is a natural remedy for the digestive system. Very beneficial to persons of bilious temperament. Its juice has a nervous system sedative effects.

Lentils: Contains 62% of acid salts. Are difficult to digest. They are nutritious, give strength and energy, produce abundant calories, promote growth and fight anemia.

Lemons: We own 80% of alkaline salts. Increases the secretion of gastric juice. Burning large amounts of fat. It destroys the waste, adiposity, oxidized rocks, and gravel load, help eliminate toxins from the blood. It's healing, astringent, coagulating while. Therefore, it goes well for arthritism affections, gout, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, obesity, dental caries and infectious diseases.

*Automatic Translation