Lilium tigrinum. Homeopathy

Lilium tigrinum
(Tiger Lily)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lilium tigrinum
1 - () deep mental depression with crying and despair, he complains and cries a lot, but consolation aggravates and distraction improvement. Often this depression takes a true religious sense, but makes a terrible anxiety for the salvation of his soul, doubt or despair of the salvation of his soul, often alternating with sexual excitement always increased in this patient (see 2) and this is precisely one of the most important causes of great concern to religious, reaching religious cause mental disorders, especially melancholy, because it thinks it is doomed. His depression is often associated also with the idea of having an incurable disease, with great anxiety. Thoughts of suicide. The depression can become a real indifference, especially for all you do for her.
2 - () There is a marked sexual excitement, and should bring into play all his will to suppress the ideas and desires that haunt, and this is achieved especially by keeping busy. Their sexuality is manifested in states of nymphomania, lust and frequent coarse language. Aggravation sexual excesses.
3 - () is always rushed, hectic, hectic, hasty in their smallest actions and occupations, as if urgent and imperative duties or tasks to accomplish that would be incapable of carrying out, or have no purpose, has no ambition. Movements without hurry, knows that this predicament. There may be indolent, but can not sit still, or restlessness, but do not want to walk. He always wants to be busy, do something (to improve), but also may have an aversion to mental work is not constant, takes several things and does not persist in anything.
4 - () Very irritable, bursts, especially when spoken in the uterine prolapse or after pollutions. He feels as if it should scream. Want hair pulling, and sometimes it does. Snaps, blasphemous and may even hit.
5 - () constantly preoccupied with fears of being alone (wants company) going crazy (sometimes has the feeling that he goes mad, and feels at vertex); businesses, to die for diseases, but the incurable, or have a cardiac disease to evil; the downward motion of fall, in a room, that something will happen.
6 - () misspoke, using wrong words, you forget.
7 - () dissatisfied with himself. Envious.
8 - () mental symptoms that alternate with physical symptoms, especially uterine.
9 - () Insania by business failures and during menopause.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lilium tigrinum
10 - () is very characteristic feeling of bearing down intensely manifested in many parts of the body: the shoulders, from the thorax, from the left breast from the epigastrium to the pelvis, lumbar region, in rectum, bladder, but especially in the female genital organs, as if everything would come out through the vagina with force (see 28). Quite similar is the sensation as if blood were down and out through any hole, or as if the brain was pushed through her eyes and ears. As a counterpart, there is a sensation of drawing up from the tip of the tailbone.
11 - () Aggravation: heat, in a warm room, for the rest, standing, lying on the right side, from 17 to 20 hours. Better: open air or cool (as deve), by the movement, especially by movements in a hurry, by the occupation, lying on the left side by the pressure.
Left sided.
12 - () The pains are erratic, hot and bright and, moreover,
alternative or intermittent, as if tightened or loosened, or open and shut and appear in small places, and they are aggravated by walking, but stops are much worse.
13 - () Pulsation deeper around the body with feeling of distension and fullness, as if blood would burst in and out through the vessels.
14 - () Fainting, worse in a warm room and after being a long stop.
Desire and aversion of Lilium tigrinum
15 - () I want: sweet, sour candy, meat. Aversion to coffee and bread.
SPECIFIC Lilium tigrinum
16 - () Vertigo, better outdoors. Congestive headaches, with hot head, heavy with sensation of pressure out, and want to hold, It sounds bloody; worse indoors, in the theater or restaurant, always better to walk outdoors at twilight. Headaches in relation are uterine disorders. Neuralgia on the left eye to the vertex, as if about to go crazy, afraid it will happen. Feeling of something tight around the head.
17 Disorders of vision (dim, dim), with heat in the eyes, with a tendency to taparselos and pressured. Hipermetgropia, astigmatism, presbyopia. Spasms of the eyelids. Photophobia. Wild look. Eye pain that extends back to the head. Burning eyes after reading and writing. Floaters.
18 Otalgia right. Noise in the ear blows after bedtime.
19 It rubs his nose violently. Watery nasal discharge or mucus, yellowish. Nasal obstruction.
20 Cara left hot and hot. Pain in right malar, left cheek, extending to the ear and temple. Dojor in the right mandible, with sensation of elongated teeth.
21 Pain from the teeth of the left ear. Language blancoama
rillenta plaques. Furred sensation throughout the mouth on waking at night. Sialorrhea. Taste of blood or foul, better by eating.
22 right tonsil with exudate. Sore and dry throat. Foreign body sensation in the throat, lying down beats.
23 Increased appetite or lost. Drink often and too much. Belching. Hiccups.
Inability to vomit with nausea, back pain, elimination of mucus and fullness in the abdomen. Sensation of a hard body roll in the stomach, better at night. Vomiting of yellowish liquid and mucus or blood. Sensation of hollowness or emptiness in the epigastrium, belching languidly and tasteless.
24 - () distention of the abdomen, with rumbling and flatus; bubbling in the right upper quadrant. Bearing down sensation around the abdominal contents, which seems to come from the chest, worse during menstruation and defecation, better crossing legs in the groin when standing, must support the belly with his hands, the twitching can be down and back.
Sensation as if to come diarrhea or menstruation. Trembling in the pelvis, extending to the thighs. Lancinating pains from the left hypogastric iliac crest. Claw pain in the hypogastric, better rubbing gently with a hot hand.
25 - () constant and urgent desire to move the belly with sensation of pressure in the rectum as something heavy. Morning diarrhea very urgent, can not wait a moment, get up in a hurry, with intolerable tenesmus rectal and bladder, with loose stools and bilious or dark and foul, colic preceded and followed by burning in anus and rectum. Pressure on the perineum.
Constipation with hard stool and dark, followed by heat in the rectum and stomach upsets. Protruding piles, after childbirth.
26 - () Constant urination day and night, frequent urination and low every quarter hour, with urgency and urethral burning after urination. Urgency to urinate in the prolapsed uterus. Continued pressure on oejiga. Urine milky morning, as boiling oil, strong-smelling, with phosphates, with white and red sedirnento.
27 testes swollen and painful to touch or morning, worse in left. Increased desire. Prostration after coitus. Pollutions of dawn.
28 - () the female genital organs are the maximum scope of Lilium tigrinum. Sexual desires are increased and often end up in involuntary orgasms, better still occupied; tendency to use foul language (see 2). Menses early, scanty, dark, appearing only during the day, when you move and walk, never at night or sitting or lying, that they cease altogether. Amenorrhea with heart and with sharp or burning pain ovarian, or uterine prolapse or anteversion.
Bearing down sensation, with heaviness and pressure in utero or in the small pelvis, as if the entire contents would be pressed out through the vagina and would come out worse during menstruation, a bowel movement, walking or shaking ; best pressing the vulva with the hand or crossing the legs or squeezing tightly with a bandage on T, is holding his belly with his hands, with palpitation. Bearing down pain in ovaries when standing or walking. Burning pain or sharp or pointed in the ovaries, with irradiation to the thighs (more to the left), the right upper quadrant, the left breast, with concomitant heart disease. Pain in the uterus, intense, with intolerance to touch,
weight of clothes or at the slightest jolt. Uterine anteversion, with the bottom of the uterus and pushing down the bladder, and neck from the rectum.
Retroversion. Uterine prolapse. Fibroma of the uterus. Flow yellow or brown, acrid, excoriating, very liquid, after menstruation; tine brown clothes. Voluptuous itching in the vulva and vagina, with sensation of fullness. Subinvolution uterine slow recovery after childbirth. Ovaries swollen.
29 Voice control. Dry cough at night, better outdoors. Oppression, wanting to take a deep breath, frequent sighing. Sensation of a foreign body in the center of the chest that moves up and down with swallowing. Constriction below the left breast to the right, better by change of position, with sharp pains in the lungs or retrosternal worse outdoors. Dolores at or below the left breast spread to the shoulder blade and side, worse lying on left side. Congestion or ebullition in the chest, wanting to outdoors, especially if it reflects their desire to urinate.
30 - () Sense of weight or stone on the heart. Heart pain worse lying down at night, at the apex, better at rest, heart pains are worse by exercise or exertion and stooping, better tomorrow, alternating with uterine pains. Sensation of chest constriction, like a claw that alternately tightens and relaxes you, or as if tight or esttiviera heart crushed by a wheel, which does not allow you to walk upright, worse at night, extending to back; more inclined edelante, with pain and numbness in his right arm, lying on the left side and outdoors, and local friction. Palpitations during pregnancy. Palpitations or fluttering heart, worse from the slightest excitement or rest and after a fainting, better by pressure or friction or acos ado back. Intermittency heart followed by a violent beating that took her breath away and causes a rush of blood to the head, with the feeling that all the blood has left the heart, feeling of fullness and pop in the heart. Tachycardia, pulse very fast, from 150 to 170 per minute, worse from slightest movement, or irregular and weak, pitting.
31 Pain in the neck, in the cervical muscles and ccipitales. Pain between the shoulder blades, in the lower thoracic vertebrae (as if back would break), column, with stiffness. Pain in sacrum, worse off, with downward pressure in the hypogastric, vagina and anus; better for local friction.
32 No can walk on an uneven floor or irregular. Ataxia. Members cold and sweaty when excited or nervous. Burning in the palms and soles of the feet overnight, with constant desire to find a cool place. Outward pressure sensation in the limbs, in the middle of the night prirnera. Pains in my left shoulder and fingers tearing in the left arm. Pain in right arm and wrist, with heart disease. Tremor. Stiffness in the fingers, can not guide the pencil. Pinching the tips of the fingers and hands. Electrical current sensation of the fingers, first left, then right. Cold hands, cold sweats in the back. Staggering gait, extreme difficulty in walking upright. Stitches iliac ilium, sacrum or pubic. Pain in right hip down. Sensation of cold wind blowing in the lower limbs. Trembling at the knees. My legs hurt and can not keep them still. Cramps in legs, feet and fingers after stool in the morning.
33 Yawning and desperazamientos. Sleeplessness before midnight. Restless sleep. Sounds: half awake, erotic, with dead people.
34 Chills running down, from the face, worse cold air.
Great burning heat throughout the body. Heat Waves with faintness and anxiety that they wake at night with cold sweats in the extremities.
35 Tingling, burning tingling or itching in various places. Fine very itchy rash.
SUPPLEMENTARY Lilium tigrinum:
Lachesis. Sepia.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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