Limon. Essential oil

LEMON (Citrus communis L.)
Essential oil of pale yellow color and characteristic odor. Its flavor is warm, aromatic and bitter.

Properties of the essential oil of lemon:
1) Tonic and cardiac stimulant.
2) Antiseptic for the urinary tract.
3) Stimulates the digestive system.
4) Antispasmodic the respiratory system.
5) skin tone and hair faded.
6) external Antiseptic, bactericide.

Internal Use lemon oil: 2 to 4 drops at noon and at night in one tablespoon of honey, hot soy milk, or sugar infusion. Preferably after meals.

Lemon oil Directions: Faint heart. Cystitis. Colibacillosis. Indigestion, digestion difficult. Cough, whooping cough, asthma.

External use of lemon essential oil: In frictions: Sores, cuts, boils, skin diseases.

Culinary use: the essence of lemon is widely used in cooking to flavor sauces, cakes, ice creams and sorbets.

Cosmetic use: Skin Tonic, astringent for oily skin. Retrieves the brightness of straight hair. Powerful antiseptic, very effective against acne.

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