Lippspringe. Homeopathy

(Lippspringe mineral water, Westphalia, which contains calcium and sodium sulphate, magnesium chloride, etc.).
MENTAL OR synonyms pathogenesis Lippspringe
1 Apprehensive, worse traveling in a vehicle, with precordial anxiety, as if some misfortune threatens imminent, with nostalgia. Sadness.
2 Irritable. Great desire to write. Poor memory.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Lippspringe
3 - () Worse, in evening and night, by walking; by smoking; after intercourse. Best: after urination.
4 Brusca weakness, dizziness, anxiety and shaking.
SPECIFIC Lippspringe
5 Vertigo walking, everything is spinning with heavy headaches and drowsiness.
Sudden headache. Stitches on the vertex.
6 Eyes red with tears. See how bright stars, which can 'see it, worse reading in bed.
7 Itching in ears and nose. Noises in the ears.
8 - () Itching of the nose and anus, is scratching or rubbing.
Mask-9 expression and sickly suffering; marillento white.
10 teeth sensitive to cold water. Bitter taste in the morning.
Dry throat 11 in the evening, not relieved by drinking; better with sugar in the mouth. Sore throat hardly allowed to speak or swallow.
Increased appetite 12. Belching, retching and vomiting mucous morning. Vomiting aqueous acids, paroxysmal colicky. Pressive cramp in the stomach, lying on his back worse after eating, better side.
13 - () anal prolapse after lying down. Piles with stabbing and burning pain and bleeding, after eliminating hard stools. Very violent itching in anus, forcing him to scratch or rub. Stools followed by mucus and blood. Stool yellow, or lamb. Bloody in a patient with hemoptysis, stopping them. Constipation with hard stools and difficult.
14 - () Burning pain while urinating, sharp. Great urgency to urinate, and if does not hurry, be urine. Urinary frequency at night, should make an effort to let the urine. Elimination of calculitos. Urine odor of violets.
15 Increased smegma. Nocturnal emissions.
16 mucous discharge streaked with blood or acrid, with labia excoriated worse by walking, with itching in the rectum and pain from scratching. Menses early and copious.
17 - () Feel the trachea dry and raw. Hoarseness. Dry cough from tickling laryngeal morning, worse from talking. Violent catarrhal cough with easy expectoration of much mucus watery and tenacious. Hemoptysis liquid bright red blood every morning after waking.
Anxiety and fullness in the chest, heaviness and pressure foot. Stitches in the sides of the chest, breasts and nipples. Orgasm Blood in the chest.
18 Violent palpitations every evening. Tachycardia.
19 pains between the shoulders. Low back pain with pressure and tension, that wakes you at night, worse lying on left side. Sacral pain with cramping.
20 - () jerking of the limbs. Paralytic pain in the right upper limb. Great distension of the veins on the backs of the hands. Tremor, worse on the right, while sitting. Sudden, sharp pain from knee to ankle. Sharp pain in the upper third of the tibia during walking.
Tiredness in the foot by a short walk. Burning pain in corns.
Yawning 21. Drowsiness worse after eating. Anxious dreams, or do not remember it sounds and caskets with dead people. He wakes up frequently.
22 Chills and shivers with thirst. Hot flushes with anxiety or an orgasm BLOOD, must loosen clothing in the neck and wrists.
Sweat easily and profusely, worse tomorrow.
Jaundice 23. Hives with intense itching that interferes with your sleep. Large blisters, like pemphigus.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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