Liquid Cleaner for Oily Skin

Liquid Cleaner for Oily Skin

The liver's ability to filter blood undergoes changes when an overload, for example by consuming too much food containing cocoa or egg.

This overload can result in outbreaks of spots adolescents and adults the appearance of stains and eczema.

The monitoring of a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, which have purifying qualities avoids the appearance of pimples, blemishes and any type of irritation.

But this internal cleansing is not enough to make them disappear and we must resort to the application of the liquid cleaner for oily skin.

Composition: fresh fruits ferment, Persia salt, mineral water

Properties: Liquid alkaline cleaner skin, reduces the production of fat and eliminates the itching, redness and blemishes. In areas of skin that have fat should not apply any cream, only this liquid for Oily Skin Cleanser, and after one or two applications of moisturizing tonic, which will replace the cream.

Purpose: To combat the presence of fat, pimples (acne), blackheads and blemishes on the skin. Its use after hair removal will prevent seeding.

Recommendation: It is extremely important to clean the face and neck every night with cleanser, especially those with oily skin because if the skin is not clean the grease can not get out and push on causing pores to open more normal.

Ways to use

Acne or pimples
It should make frequent applications of liquid cleaner and then apply the Hydrating Toner. The combination of these two products form a very effective treatment.

It is convenient to use a different cotton in each application and for each area of the skin to avoid infecting the unaffected areas.

Oily Skin
Multiple applications should be made a day Liquid Cleaner and after application of Hydrating Toner. Make at least 10 applications a day, using cotton soaked and waiting to dry skin from one application to another. In the first and second week may appear more fat, since fat accumulating under the skin has to go, then begin to emerge until reduced to normal.

As the fat is reduced is also to reduce the number of applications for Oily Skin Cleanser Liquid.

If skin feels dry, applications should be increased Hydrating Toner.

Black dots
The fat needs to get out of the skin, but if the skin is clean, pressed onto the fat and causes the pores to open more than normal.

If the skin does not care, this fat is oxidized on contact with air and become blackheads. Applications with cleaning fluid clean the surface of pores and fat gradually rises to the surface and can be reduced. By reducing fat remove black spots.

Red spots
Appear due to not heal properly grains. With the application of this liquid away in a week. If not treated in time, obscured by the contact of the sun and air, and eliminating these spots will take longer.

Pigmented spots
There are two possible situations:

*If you are in the face and skin is not greasy, and then apply the liquid a few times a day the Natural Rich Cream. These spots disappear in about six months or a year, depending on its surface.
*If skin is oily or black spots, apply the Liquid Cleanser and Hydrating Toner.

Burn spots

If you are new, will become clearer in a few days using cleaning fluid and then the Natural Rich Cream, whether they are old and are caused by hair (eg on the upper lip), not removed entirely.


To prevent seeding the liquid must be applied several times during one or two days after depilation.

Remember, skin care is not just a matter of aesthetics but of health.

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