Lithium carb. Homeopathy

Lithium carb
(Lithium Carbonate)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lithium carb
1 - () Anxiety and despair throughout the night. It tends to mourn for your state.
2 Difficulty in remembering names.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lithium carb
3 chronic rheumatism, gout or not, hyperuricemia, and accompanying cardiac and eye disorders, with recurrent attacks of acute inflammation, especially located at the level of the small joints, especially the last of the fingers, with tenderness, redness and acute pain, lancinating, intermittent, worse at night, often with gouty tophi or periarticular rheumatic nodules. Aching stiffly, as if he had been beaten in every bone joints and muscles. Stitch that is burning from the inside out and ending with itching. Effects of falls and blows.
4 Worse: early morning or night, for the movement, while lying down. Best: getting up, eating, after he had urinated.
5 Right side, or left before and right after menstruation.
6 Press the inside out: in the head, perineum, chest and inguinal ring.
SPECIFIC Lithium carb
7 - () Pain and heaviness over the eyes, worse in the evening. Frontal headache and temples, pressing, better by eating, but returns soon. Sense of dressing at the temples. Violent headache upon awakening in the morning early, abrupt suppression of menstruation, with nausea. Great heaviness in the vertex; stitch. Headache worse lying down or watching something better to sit in bed or out. Trembling and throbbing in the head. The head seems too large. Scalp sensitive. Cradle cap.
8 - () Hemiopia vertical; not see the right half of objects; worse during menstruation. Pain in the eye, stitches and dryness after reading or using the eyes. The sunlight blinds him. Sensation of having sand in your eyes. Floaters. Induration of the meibomian gland. Red conjunctivae with mucopurulent discharge and photophobia.
9 Otalgia left coming from the throat. Pain in the mastoid 9zquierda.
10 Nose stopped up, worse morning, it sounds a lot. Coryza leaky outdoor. Nose swollen, red, more to the right, hurt inside, with bright cobalt.
11 - () Pain in the right side of the face, spread to the temple, the other day passes to the left. Hard or suppurative lymphadenopathy on the left side of the face.
12 Feel asleep and loose teeth can not chew them.
Toothache of] right.
13 - () Sore throat extended to the ear. Secretion and nasal discharge in solid pieces, worse tomorrow.
14 - () Gastralgia biting worse before eating, eating better. Nausea with headache. Acidity. Vomiting. Fullness in the epigastrium not tolerate tight clothing. Stitches burning up in the epigastrium.
15 Violent pain or pressure in the liver. Stitches in spleen. Tympanic distension of the stomach. Violent pain horizontally in the upper abdomen or the hypogastric. Pressure from within outwards in the inguinal ring. Buboes, in the left groin.
16 - () Diarrhea fruit or chocolate yellow stool and very offensive. Very fetid flatus. Anal itching sharp, short, sharp. Violent stitch in the perineum near the anus, up and down and inside out when walking.
17 - () pain in the right kidney and right ureter to the spermatic cord and the testicle, radiating to arms and fingers. Sharp pressive pain in the bladder and neck, but on the right, after urination, with violent tenesmus. Burning urethra. Urine: clear and frothy, with uric acid, acrid, small and dark, with dark reddish brown sediment, with pus.
18 erection after urination at night. Urethral discharge copious thick yellow-green, alternating with hematuria. Pain in the testicles while sitting, stitches on the penis.
19 - () Menses delayed and scanty, if deleted, morning headache appears.
20 Feel the cold air to the lungs, to inspire. Violent cough without expectoration, lying down, it does get up, for a point of irritation in the throat. Sternal pressure. Constriction in the chest when walking, followed by many mucous expectoration. Breast pains in arms and fingers extended.
21 - () chest pain, worse in the morning on rising, bending forward or after pains in the bladder, or before menstruation or at the beginning and after, or before and during urination, after urinating.
Precordial rheumatic pains. Trembling and fluttering chest.
22 Aching in the right side of the lower spine, in the morning to
up, worse pressure. Stitching pains in the sacrum or standing. Sense of prostration in the sacrum, at night, pain worse at night, better get up.
23 - () Pain in the right shoulder, near the insertion of the pectoralis major, * rdiente, sharp, lancinating, intermittent, and usually ends by an itching, better from hot water. Itching and sensitivity with throbbing in the bones from the hands to the fingertips, one at rest, better by pressure, to grab something and during movement. Rheumatic pains.
Intense itching in hands and feet at night, better by hot water. Pain and redness next to one. Burning tip of the fingertip of the left thumb: Pain in right hip, then left. Pain and prostration in the knees, worse when climbing stairs. Rheumatic pains in the lower limbs on the right foot the night waking, better rising. Gouty pain in feet, ankles and fingers, especilmente on the edge of the foot. Weakness in the feet. Burning in the big toe, with very painful calluses. Itching in the sole of left foot on the inner edge. Finger pain boys feet. Dolores Cross 24 Sleepiness early in the night and wakes up late. Dreams.
Chills 25 starting at the chest. Copious sweats. General heat,
with sweat on the backs of hands.
Very dry skin 26. Itching when rheumatic pains cease.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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