Lithium. Properties

Function in the body

1) regulation of the psyche and nervous system.
2) Active transport through cell membranes. Stabilizer neurotransmitters.
3) could have a modulating action of prostaglandins and synthesis of some hormones.
4) Activity metabolism of carbohydrates and electrolytes.
5) Protector of the immune system.
6) It has been suggested a correlation between diets rich in lithium and lower incidence of coronary heart disease

Indications of lithium

1) Stress and anxiety states.
2) neurological disorders engines.
3) is used as dietary supplements in people who drink alcohol regularly.
4) In situations of low and postinfection immune defenses.

Lithium Sources: Salad greens (lettuce juice cure and celery), organic potatoes and radishes. Quinton Plasma.

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