Lobelia cardinalis. Homeopathy

Lobelia cardinalis
(Lobelia Red)
Mental symptoms of Lobelia cardinalis
1 Trends to sing.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lobelia cardinalis
2 Worse: at 8 hours.
3 weak all day.
SPECIFIC Lobelia cardinalis
4 - () You feel light head, with frontal and occipital headache, and plenittid worse by movement or shaking his head.
5 - () Eyes burning, aching (worse at 8 hours) and watering, photophobia. See flashes of light.
6 Nasal dryness fully, followed by sneezing.
7 Pain in the jaw and molars.
8 - () Language burning, with flat tires, better for large sips of cold water.
Tongue very red, sore, raw, worse in the end, where there is a blister. Dry mouth and throat, with sensation of being raw, extending to the epigastrium, at 8. Taste ugly.
9 Throat dry, sore, burning, extending to the esophagus, prone to swallowing and hawking.
10 Thirst for cold water, which makes it better. Nausea at 8. Gastralgias with weight or rock sensation in the epigastrium.
11 - () Stitching pain in hypochondrium, violent and sudden, which makes him cry, better put your fingers on the site.
12 Stool first fluid or liquid, then consistent.
13 - () Oprevion breathing, pains around the base of the chest when breathing deeply, better to pat the area. Stitches in the left thorax, better by pressure of the hand.
14 - () Stiffness in the neck. Weakness in the column.
15 - () Pulsations and lower limb weakness, with headache.
As needle punctures.
16 - () Very sleepy, but you can not sleep. Starts sleeping, with shaking hands.
17 hot sweat on the forehead, with throbbing there and in the occiput.
18 Eruption of painful vesiculitas in the middle of the forehead.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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