Lobelia inflata. Homeopathy

Lobelia Inflata
(Snuff Indio)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lobelia Inflata
1 Major depression and exhaustion, sobbing like a child. Feels like to die or were dying.
Rage 2 with flushed face and violent palpitations.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lobelia Inflata
3 - () Worst: by touch, by motion and less effort, in the evening and night, air currents, by cold, for the snuff. Best fast walking, of late, by the heat.
4 - () is one of the medicine can be used in smoking by the similarity of symptoms between both toxic substances. In the bad effects of drunkenness corpulent people, flowery, with light hair and blue or gray eyes.
5 - () has, as Sil, the power to remove foreign bodies or symptoms caused by mechanical irritants.
6 - () at discharge suppression disorders: deafness, earache, headaches.
7 heredolues and tuberculosis in childhood.
8 Dolores darting through the whole body, extended to the fingertips and toes. Earthquakes. Convulsive.
9 Exhaustion, prolonged weakness.
SPECIFIC Lobelia Inflata
10 - () Vertigo with nausea. Headache on vertex, temples or forehead, worse cough, motion and stair climbing; Pressing outward in both temples or in occiput (worse at night and move). Tension magnum.
Headache with nausea, vomiting and great prostration, following an intoxication; worst afternoon until midnight, and smoke snuff and snuff, with a sudden pallor and profuse sweating. Seborrhea foul smelling. Wens.
11 Burning eyes, itching in the corners. Hemiopia. Mydriasis. Vision cloudy.
12 - () Earache. Feeling of lump in right ear, better putting your finger. Profuse otorrhea, otalgia brings its repeated suppression and deafness.
13 - () Heat in the face, cold sweats with nausea. Chills extended on the left cheek to the ear. Left facial pain.
14 - () Sialorrhea nauseated. Ugly taste on the tip of the tongue and back.
White tongue thick with fur on the right side. Taste acrid, burning, bitter, mercurial.
Dry throat 15, as raw, scrapes, burns, with constriction in the esophagus, worse when swallowing. Excessive secretion of thick, sticky mucus in the throat, frequent throat clearing. Can not swallow, for a foreign body.
16 - () Anorexia. Frequent regurgitation, sour and hot, with sense of constriction in the epigastrium. Heartburn. Frequent hiccups and violent. Lightheadedness, weakness and an indescribable feeling in epigastrium vl, excessive use of tea or snuff. Gastric disorders with excessive nausea and vomiting. Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy with sialorrhea.
Heavy feeling in the stomach. Crisis violent nausea and "deadly" with epigastric weakness, malaise, facial pallor, with sweating, hypothermia, weak pulse and prostration; every morning or at night, worse from moving, the better for a drink of water. Vomiting of all kinds, violent, with sighs and constant nausea, with his face in a cold sweat. Chronic vomiting with good appetite, nausea, profuse sweating and marked prostration; food and bile. Gastralgias. Nausea from the smell or taste of snuff. Pressure in the stomach to the spine as a stopper, or as a weight on fasting or after eating, towards evening, with anxious oppression in the chest. Violent and painful constriction in the epigastrium, with cramps.
Extended Gastric Emptying the heart.
Belly inflation 17, with rumbling and fullness, flatulence puts upward pressure, with tightness and nausea. Stomach pains, worse after eating, nausea and foul flatus.
18 Stool: soft, whitish or greenish diarrhea. Piles with heavy bleeding. Discharge of black blood after stool.
19 Polyuria, with frequency, even at night. Dark urine, or very red with abundant red sediment, or bright orange.
20 Heaviness in the genitals. Burning in the foreskin.
21 - () Tickling in the larynx, with frequent attacks of short cough. Spasmodic asthma worse from cold air or hot food. Dyspnea worse in the evening and night, in cold air, climbing stairs, after exertion, lying down, motion, with every pain (and seems to neutralize) and fast walking with cough or foreign body sensation in the throat, but to inspire, with gastric symptoms, sometimes with a presentiment of death, with constriction in the chest, or tingling in the bottom of the sternum, to breathe deeply. Asthma hysterical. Feeling of congestion, pressure or weight on the chest, as if the blood of the extremities it was filling, better by walking fast. Violent pains in the chest when breathing deeply, when sitting after dinner, better moving. Excoriating pain or burning at a point below the right breast, worse when breathing, sneezing or moving fast. Whooping cough with dyspnea that threatens to stifle it. Burning sensation in the breast, that rises; of tightness, pain. Drawing in the left breast from the nipple to the armpit. Senile emphysema. Pneumonia in children.
Acute bronchitis.
22 - () Precordial anxiety, feeling of weakness precordial extended upward and downward. Pain deep in the heart, but at the base. Sensation as if heart would stand still or stop. Pulse small and weak.
23 - () Rheumatic pain between the shoulder blades and below the right scapula, worse bending forward. Sensitivity in the sacrum, can not tolerate the slightest contact, not even the soft pillow; enclin sits forward, to avoid contact with clothes. Violent cramping or pain as if you squeeze the sacrum, which is unbearable for the movement or contact with something. Violent sacral pain during menstruation or for its suppression.
24 Pain in right shoulder, going to the left. Stitches in right deltoid. Rheumatic pain in his right elbow. Sweaty palms, back and fingertips cold and dry. Tearing pains in tibia and fibula.
Cramps in the calf of tomorrow. Rheumatism in his right knee.
25 It wakes early. Amputate it sounds, that is wounded with a bullet.
26 - () Malaria on a daily basis, every morning at 10, starting with violent chills until noon, followed by fever all afternoon and night sweats copious with thirst before the chills and fever throughout; drinking aggravates chills.
27 Itching in the whole body. Rash as scabies, with vesicopustules with intense itching, between fingers, on the back and forearms.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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