Lobelia Syphilitica. Homeopathy

Lobelia Syphilitica
(Lobelia anti-syphilitic)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lobelia Syphilitica
1 Common mistakes when speaking or writing. Not tolerate mental efforts.
2 Great Depression, with a state of unhappiness (pain under the false ribs). As if I would go crazy.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lobelia Syphilitica
3 - () Worse from touch; by deep inspiration, mental strain, inhaling cold air, after eating, and at night. Better: cold water for drinking.
4 - () The pains are erratic, or appear simultaneously in two different places.
5 - () Effects of deletions.
Lobelia PARTICULAR Syphilitica
6 Dizziness worse by moving. Frontal headache, worse in reading and writing.
Headache after eating. Pain in the mastoid, worst and first in right. Pain in the frontotemporal suture, in the parietal. Stitch in the left temple.
Heaviness on 7 eyes with drowsiness. Burning in the right eye. Itching in the corners of the eyes. Foreign body sensation. Under the right eye twitching. Sore eyes to rotate.
8 left ear pain, itching at the back edge of the meatus.
Frequent sneezing, with 9 painful shocks in larynx and breast, laryngeal pop sensation, with copious secretion of thick mucus. Painful irritation of the nasal septum, with sensitivity to cold air. Post-nasal catarrh.
10 Cara snatched lying down, heat, headache, drowsiness, better outdoors. Sense of drip under the malar. Dry lips. Pain in right jaw joint and the right lung.
11 gums with putrid taste. Stiffness and pain and raw on the palate, dry in the left half of the palate.
12 Secretion thick mucus in the throat. Dryness of pharynx with a very open feeling. Pain in the left tonsil, then the right. Foreign body sensation in the upper esophagus.
13 - () Belching acids; regurgitation. Sense of gastric emptying. Pain in the pylorus. Gastralgias hungry carriages shake worse.
Rumbling 14. Flatulence. Stomach pains below the navel, followed by diarrhea.
15 Copious watery stools, with tenesmus and anal burning. Efforts to defecate, but only out gases, to get out of bed.
16 Itching and burning in front of the urethra. Polyuria. Pain in the bladder to retain urine.
17 - () Tingling laryngeal dry hacking cough. Hoarseness morning.
Pain in the extremities of the false rib cartilage. Rheumatic pain in the right clavicle. Pain at the junction of the sixth rib with its cartilage rerecha. Tightness in the lower chest, as if the air will not get there. Pain under left false ribs. Pain under the left breast.
18 Severe chest pain and discomfort in the twilight.
19 - () Stiff neck to look up more to the left. Back pain under the false ribs, worse at night in bed, breathe deeply and roll over in bed. Pain in the inner edge of right shoulder blade. Sharp pain in the eighth dorsal vertebra, worse slightest movement and deep breathing. Pain in the back of the spleen, left kidney region. Great painful stiffness of the column, which runs from right to azquierda; worse by the slightest movement.
20 Pain in the shoulder and fingers when typing. Pain in the left arm, and then the right. Rigida and asleep right palm. Stitching pain in ball of left thumb. Pain in both hips. Cold and pain in both knees.
Stitches in the left tibia. Pain in the ankle on his left heel.
Sleeping soles. Pain in ball of left big toe and your joints.
21 Sleepy but can not sleep after eating. Very restless and interrupted sleep.
22 Warm Front with cold hands. Heat in the back, shoulders and face, with burning in their ears. If you are splashed cold as alcohol on the outside of the thighs.
23 Itching in the skin.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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