Lumbago. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Treatments and Remedies for Lumbago

Neuralgia rheumatism of the loins, lumbar myalgia.

Medicine for lumbago with Medicinal Plants. Valerian, Lollipops, Willow, Meadowsweet, horsetail, hawthorn, black currant, Stachys, Barley.
Locally: Arnica, Pine, Turpentine.

Medicine for lumbago with nutritional supplements:
Calcium and magnesium along with boron, vitamin D and vitamin K: strengthens bones, reduces the sensation of pain and relaxes muscles.

Bromelain: reduces inflammation and pain.

Glucosamine alone or with chondroitin / MSM Supplement with natural strengthens tendons, ligaments and joints. Regeneration of cartilage tissue and tissue between the vertebrae.

Flax seed oil: Produces anti-inflammatory effect. Covering any deficiency of Omega 3 and 6.

Formula multinutrient: To cover any subclinical deficiency and maintain a balance among all the B vitamins

Medicine for lumbago with Hydrotherapy: warm wet compresses onion (hay).
Poultice of hops.

Medicine for lumbago with homotoxicology - Homeopathy: Colocynthis-Homaccord (ga), Ranunculus-Homaccord (ga), Cimicifuga-Homaccord (ga), Aesculus comp. (g), Dulcamara-Homaccord (ga), Spascupreel (casup.)

Medicine for lumbago with Homeopathy:
Acute: Dolores living, improvement in absolute immobility Bryonia 9 or 15 CH every 2 hours.

Back pain that occurs after exertion. Muscular contraction and sensation of stiffness Rhus Toxicodendron 9 or 15 CH every 2 hours.
After a violent physical effort Arnica Montana 9 Ch every 2 hours.
Chronicle: sharp pain like a blow. Aggravation with moisture. Improvement in the heat and wearing a sash. General asthenia. Kalium sweat at the slightest effort Carbonicum 9 CH everyday.
Stiffness and pain due to vertebral malformations. Amelioration with movement and heat Calcarea Fluorica 30 CH every 8 or 15 days.

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