Lupulus. Homeopathy

(Humulus lupulus hops)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis lupulus
1 Frequent starting in a deep sleep, with violent delirium, which can be removed only with great difficulty and recognizes those around him, but immediately falls on his stupor (takes several months to recover).
Mental indolence. Delusion of alcoholics.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis lupulus
2 - () Twitching in short paroxysms in all muscles, but between the shoulders, arms and hands. Movements difficult and unstable, uncertain.
Shocks in the tendons. Fainting.
3 Better: open air.
SPECIFIC lupulus
4 - () Confusion, dizziness, stupefaction. Rush of blood to the head and eyes.
Heat in face and head, with headache and confusion. Excruciating headache.
Violent throbbing in the temporal arteries.
5 - () Mydriasis prolonged.
6 Languages with fur thick, dry.
7 - () Intense pulses in the carotids.
8 - () Anorexia, with thirst. Belching. Nausea. Vomiting. Sensation: heat in the stomach, that he turns, with nausea and appetite, no appetite or hungry.
9 - () Fermentation and dull pain in the belly. Colicos in hypogastrium nauseated.
10 Great urgency to move the belly, hardly gives him time to arrive; loose stools.
11 - () Burning in urethra when urinating. Urine dark or light brown.
12 - () Weak sexual desire (both sexes). In men, pollutions by masturbation or sexual weakness. Painful erections. Spermatorrhoea.
13 Breath deep, almost rattling.
14 - () Pulse slow and intermittent.
15 Shocks in the tendons of the upper limbs. Paralytic weakness in the legs. Wandering rheumatic pains.
16 Great daytime sleepiness. Sopor.
17 Fatty with profuse sweating and high temperature.
18 Erythema scarlatiniform, especially in the face with some pustulitas. Infant jaundice. Feels like bugs under the skin that feels chapped and peels.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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