Lycopersicum. Homeopathy

(L. esculentum or Solanum lycopersicum. The Tomato)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lycopersicum
1 The thoughts go away and forget everything you want to remember, worse
support the head against something. Memory enfeebled, it irritates. You can to attend to their work.
2 Very irritable, especially by noise.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lycopersicum
3 Down: on the sounds, for the movement. Best: in a warm room, by external heat.
4 - () Right side, or from right to left, but left the symptoms are less intense.
5 - () Obesity. Diabetes. Trastorons from eating tomatoes.
6 This lying all night behind him, a sense of paralysis.
SPECIFIC lycopersicum
7 - () Dizziness in wanting to walk, prone to fainting. Head heavy, with weakness of neck muscles. Sensation as if he pressed his head on both sides. Intense nervous headache in the whole head, worse in the temples and behind the eyes. Throbbing headache or severe outbreak, beginning in occiput and extended to the whole head, worse in occiput and temples, in vertex coughing. Leather front painfully tense. Pressure behind the frontal bone, as if the brain were pushed out, resting her head better. Feeling that you drive a nail into the right parietal bone. Terebrante occipital pain. After the headache, is the feeling of having been beaten. Scalp sore to touch.
8 - () Heavy eyes, aching, burning. Feels heavy and swollen eyelids. Miosis punctate. Photophobia painful. The letters come together to read. Tearing for fine works, wipes her eyes often. Shocks in the left inner corner.
9 - () profuse watery and excoriating coryza, hurting the nostrils and dripping through the rear; of taste salty, with marked aggravation outdoors.
Catarrhal obstruction.
10 Face flushed or pale. Pressure in the right malar. Stitch in the left cheek and malar.
11 Itching and tingling in the mouth back. Furred tongue with thick yellow, or white, but in the middle. Breath and taste ugly.
12 - () constant desire to hawk. Throat hurts to swallow. Pharyngeal mucosa pale with the tip of the uvula, swollen and red bows. Burning as raw on the right side of the gorge, passing then to czquierdo.
13 - () Thirst for large quantities of water. Great flatulence gastric (worse than 10 to 11.30) and abdominal. Belching violent taste of food. Heartburn at night.
14 Watery, brown, or yellowish, frothy, painless and without urgency.
15 is closed at night to urinate. Urine watery, pale.
16 - () Menses frequent and reappear every time you eat tomatoes with back pain. Heavy flow.
17 - () Hoarseness night with constant tingling in the larynx, and cleared his throat. Dry cough, pounding, deep, by irritation in the lower chest, explosive, worse at night, kept awake.
Expectoration white pieces early in the morning. Chest tightness; in the lower lobe of the right lung. Pinching the left side behind the sternum.
18 points in the base of the heart. Chest pain. Tachycardia.
19 - () Pain in the insertion of the trapezius muscle in the column. Intense lower back pain, with depression in women who have eaten tomatoes.
20 - () tiredness in the limbs, with great exhaustion. Acute rheumatic pain, twitching in right deltoid worse by raising the arm upward and outward. Pain: in the middle of moving right arm, rheumatic in his right elbow, wrist and hand at right, with stitches in the thenar.
Weight and numbness in the arm. Cutting pains in wrist, hand and left fingers, worse on squeezing the hand firmly against something.
Sticking behind the hip joint of the crural izquierda.euralgia
right. Pain in the right fibula to the heel. Pain in the right ankle. Bone pain in his right leg, worse on movement continued. Cramps in his right calf to his foot off the ground.
21 Sueno very restless. Can not sleep, turns, finds no position. He wakes up often at night, and turns. Unpleasant dreams.
Chills to 22 at night, preceded by intense thirst, with sweats.
Fever. Sweat on waking, worse on the back.