Lycopus virginicus. Homeopathy

Lycopus virginicus
(Lycopodium Virginia)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lycopus virginicus

1 Activity increased mental and physical evening; wakeful and alert.
Slightly obtuse or concentrated well. The mind wanders from one thing to another.
Stupor during menstruation, with an expressionless face.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lycopus virginicus
2 - () Worse: Morning, by efforts, by walking, climbing stairs, by motion, in the twilight of the cold, the outdoors.

3 - () The pains are erratic and often one of the sites is the heart, usually go from right to left. Pairs of pain in very different body sites.

SPECIFIC Lycopus virginicus
4 - () Vertigo, hesitates to the right, worse sitting. Left frontal headache that goes right. Headache over eyes, pressing outwards, worse tomorrow.

5 - () Heavy eyes, feel full, with pressing pain out.
Exophthalmos, protruding eyes with tumultuous heart (exophthalmic goiter).
Right supraorbital neuralgia with pain in left testicle.

6 Burning in the right ear.

7 Sneezing and runny nose. Epistaxis.

8 Toothache that change sides, worse on the lower molars and the left, coinciding with low back pain.

9 Pain in right palate, from the left. Burning in the soft palate.

10 Nausea and dizzy desmavos better burping. Gastralgias. Gastritis.
Indigestion by bread. Thirst for large quantities of cold water.

11 Pain in the spleen. Flatulence with rumbling. Groin pain, as if a hernia 1uera worse walking, pushing up better, with pain in the testicles. Severe cramps followed by diarrhea.

12 - () Diarrhea jet, with colic; with feces bright, dark brown and foul, or the former was more consistent, with tenesmus. Constipation with dry stools like putty. Hemorrhoidal blood reappear ago, with improvement of other symptoms. Hemorrhoidal hemorrhages in heart.

13 - () Diabetes with intense thirst, polyuria and weight loss great. Or distended bladder feels full but this empty. Great polyuria urine as water.
Scanty urine, with edema.

14 - () Pain in the testicles while sitting from right to left, with supraorbital pain.

15 menorrhagia and metrorrhagia. Intermittent menses. Vagina very hot, congested and swollen cervix. Pubis in cardiac edema.

16 - () Shortness of breath on exertion, especially with climbing stairs or walking.
Wheezing, sighing. Violent cough, night, but did not awake; cold winds or hot weather changes to cold. Cough with hemoptysis and pain in the left side of chest. Sweetish expectoration. Constriction at the base of the chest, worse lying on the right. Tuberculosis incipient left vertex. Hemoptysis in heart disease.

17 - () The heart is one of the most important area of activity of Lycopus.
There is a real heart erethism a tumultuous action of the heart that beats fast and irregularly. Violent palpitations audible and visible, with excessive tachycardia, worse morning and evening, by efforts, climbing stairs, exciting or palpitations thinking, with oppression, sensation of chest constriction and pain. This table is associated with heart disease, cigarette smoking, the exophthalmic goitre or hyperthyroidism. Intense pulse violent tachycardia. Chest pain followed by pain in his left wrist. Hypertrophy and cardiac dilation with edema. Aneurysms of the great arteries near the heart. Valvular heart disease.

18 Acute pain in the seventh cervical. Continuous thoracic and lumbar pain, worse on the left. Pains in the column, the better to get up in the morning.

19 - () Rheumatic pains in the limbs, worse on motion and the cold air, better in a warm room or in bed. Tembior hands, difficulty writing. The left leg feels shorter. A staggering gait. Edema in lower limbs.

20 Sleep restless. Insomnia even when tired.

21 typhoid or malaria with protruding eyes, bradycardia and fever median.

22 Urticaria before bedtime. Sense of insect bites.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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