Lyssinum. Homeopathy

(Saliva of Mad Dog. Hydrophobinum, made of bone, would be more active)

1 - () Intense mental aggravation of symptoms by the sight or sound of running water or flowing from a tap, or even by splashing water or by thinking of water or hear the word "water", especially anxiety, excitement, fear and irritability. By extension, the aggravation occurs when you see bright objects, mirrors or the brightness of the water surface.

2 - () Hydrophobia: idea it produces paroxysms water, can not hear the word "water" without trembling with fear. Hydrophobia or rabies with fever, delirium, desire to bite and great mental and physical aggravation by water (see 1 and 8), biting the pillow, spoons or whatever, with periodic spasms of the throat and esophagus, worse, seeing or thinking water, with great difficulty swallowing liquids and aversion to water, with severe attacks of convulsions (see 9), spitting constantly, with sialorrhea. Lyssinum is the main remedy for foresight, and for the treatment of rabies once it started.

3 - () Fears: being alone, of becoming angry, to hear bad news (because it makes it worse), if bitten, the dogs, as if something terrible were to happen, to lose the reason: the misfortune to knives; to be approached vehicles; the water.

4 - () Your thoughts and ideas seem strange, worse in pregnancy.
Pulse to pull his son out the window; premonitions of impending doom (and asked to pray for); impulses to throw a glass of water in the face of another, or stick the knife that bears, believes it is a dog or a bird, feels as if he had received good news; delirium at night.

5 - () excitation: convulsive, hearing talk. Insults. Hit.
Hypersensitive: a noise, water splashes. Acute senses.

6 Disorders: by emotions, mortifications, or after drinking.

7 Satyriasis. Abnormal sexual desire disorder.

8 - () physical disorders caused or made worse by seeing or hearing the sound of running water or flowing from a tap or even getting wet: diarrhea, urgency to urinate, seizures, headaches, etc.., Or by objects or mirrors or glossy surfaces .

9 - () Seizures triggered by flashes of direct or reflected light in bright objects on the surface of water or a mirror, or just by thinking about any kind of liquid or water view, by anger, by the slightest touch or slightest draft of air, efforts, scares, postpartum, trying to speak, seeing a stranger or it tries to swallow or strong odors. Seizures are clones. Epilepsy. Tetanus.

10 - () Worse, the heat of the sun (can tolerate); on stooping; by air currents, by the slightest touch, traveling in a vehicle, for the movement, by water (see 1 and 8). Better: cold air, by a Turkish bath. Right side.

11 Color bluish wounds.

Desire and aversion of LYSSINUM
12 - () I: salt and salty foods, strange things during pregnancy;
hot liquid food. Aversion to fats.

13 - () Feeling light-headed. Rush of blood to the head, lying, lifting, or during pregnancy. Intense outward pressing pain in forehead, leans her head on the wall. Headaches from dog bites, rabid or not. Chronic headaches by emotions or mental exertion, worse from noise of running water, bright light of day, or stooping.
Oily hair, head feels full of air, as if about to burst.

14 - () Photophobia. Wild-eyed, fixed. The sight of water makes it worse (see 1 and 8). Blurred vision; mydriasis.

15 - () The sound of conversation and water (see 1 and 8) the worse.

16 - () Strong odors aggravate it, is very sensitive to the smell of snuff.
Frequent sneezing in the early morning or evening, worse looking at something bright or dust.

17 Feel the Hard and painful jaw with a tendency to yawn, it seems it can not open his mouth. Contorted facial muscles, the expression changes appearance frequently. Feel the mandibitia aching bones. Sweating on the face, with heat waves. Foam mouth during attacks.

18 - () Talk with difficulty. Ranula periodically, with pain on chewing.
Cold sensation in the mouth, as if mint. Oral pain that extends to the head and neck. Mouth and tongue full of excessive amounts of foam, or sialorrhea intense, viscous, must constantly spitting. Buccal mucosa pink.

19 - () grind their teeth. Toothache in pregnancy.

20 - () Cold sensation in the esophagus. Sore throat. Periodic spasms of the esophagus, with constant desire to swallow painful, unable to swallow anything, the constriction is more intense when you drink water in the mouth (or the sight or thought of water) and, if you want to force yourself to swallow, choke, cough , burning and sore throat and gagging, they do return the water. Foreign body sensation in the throat that forced him to swallow. Narrowing of the esophagus. Swallowed with difficulty, especially liquids.

21 voracious appetite, often swallowed without chewing. Nausea and vomiting after diarrhea. Vomiting food; of liquids when drinking, and at night sleeping. Great oppression in the epigastrium, must loosen clothing.

22 Dolores: on the right side of belly breathing; in hypochondria by fast walking, painful throbbing in the spleen: from left to right upper quadrant, in any hypogastrium. Stiffness of muscles of the abdomen. Groin pain. Inguinal lymphadenopathy.

23 - () mucosanguinolentas stools Diarrhea with abundant, with much pain, tenesmus during and after a bowel movement, and has a desire to defecate every time I see or hear water running. Involuntary stools.

24 - () constant and urgent desire to urinate on seeing or hearing running water, little urine each time. Urine scanty, dark, cloudy, with glucose. Sale prostatic fluid after urination.

25 - () Intense excitement or without an erection without sexual desire, even during intercourse. Priapism with frequent pollutions. Cumshot absent or very late during intercourse escapes asleep. Hydrocele. Atrophy of the testes, first left then right.

26 - () pain in the left ovary. Is aware of her uterus. Uterine prolapse. Flow with sensitive vagina, intercourse is very painful. Menses copious. Disorders of pregnancy. Puerperal convulsions every time she hears noises and tries to drink water. Breasts swollen upon waking in the morning.

27 Hoarseness or acute. Dyspnea with flatulence, cough and chest sounds, with sighing respiration, noisy or gasping, for chest pain, worse lying down. Spasmodic constriction of the respiratory muscles.

28 points in his heart to hear bells or walking. Heart pain as if his heart would burst, or having needles inside.
Violent palpitation that rise to the throat.

29 back pain, but at the bottom, extending to the pubis.

30 - () Heaviness and jerks in shoulders and legs. Cramps in the arms, weakness. Intense heaviness in the arm or hand tremors, which prevent it from writing. Hands numb. Pain in right hip. Left sciatic pain, newspaper, worse on rising from sitting. Weakness in the legs when climbing stairs.
Frequent yawning 31 without sleep, especially when he heard others yawn.
Insomnia. Starts sleeping. Moody awakening.

32 paroxysms of intense cold, still covered with several blankets. Chills followed by heat and cold sweats. Fever every evening until midnight.
Better after sweating. Ague.

33 Itching worse by scratching. Pustules on the forehead. Ulceration or red scars from dog bites. Cancerous ulcers.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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