Macrotinum. Homeopathy

(Resin of Actaea racemosa)
1 - () Fear of imminent danger and disease, have an incurable disease.
2 Irritability or melancholy, the better the onset of menses.
3 The sitting a long time without thinking, frequent sighing and shaking hands and feet.
4 - () all symptoms, especially mental, eye, breast and limbs, appears better when menstruation (dysmenorrhea exception) and are worse before menstruation.
5 - () Excessive weakness. and muscular exhaustion for the least effort, with marked restlessness, better moving, despite the fatigue. Morphinomania.
6 occipital headache extending to vertex and forehead, in the evening, when they appear 6ejor belching and nausea and by pressure and sleep. Sharp pains on his left eye.
7 Ojeras oscuiras premenstrual disappear with the onset of menstruation. Sore eyes, worse by pressure, feel the eyeballs enlarged. Floaters. Myoclonus in the upper eyelids.
8 The face suddenly turns red and hot.
9 Boca dry, sticky. Dry throat, coughing and shaking him.
10 - () Nauscas and belching in the evening. Feeling faint in the epigastrium, extending to chest and head, followed immediately by a throbbing sensation throughout the body, especially to know another person as a shock.
11 Cutting in the umbilical region, in the early morning, best of bowel movements. Alternating diarrhea and constipation.
12 Frequent desire to urinate, with copious emission of pale urine.
13 - () bearing down pains in the abdomen during menstruation, with a feeling of tightness around the hips, slim and dark periods, with clots, or menstrual suppression. Dysmenorrhea. Breast pain and heaviness in the limbs premenstrual. Sudden, sharp pain below the left nipple.
14 - () Acute pains in the sides of the chest, with palpitation. You wake up at night with palpitations. Chest pain that extends his left arm into the fingers, with palpitation.
15 Sensation in the neck as if the muscles were too short. Pain across the back, as if he had beaten the muscles. Throbbing pain in the back, better by pressure and after menstruation.
Weakness of the arms 16, with inability to move. Left shoulder pain that goes to the toes. Heaviness in the legs, as if too tired. Feel very short calf muscles.
17 To sleep, suddenly jumps out of fear of falling or to prevent danger. Sounds that are in a high place and in danger of falling.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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