Magnesia carb. Homeopathy

MAGNESIA CARB (Magnesium Carbonate)
1 - () Very sensitive to slightest touch; have an aversion to being touched and is startled by noise or touch it. Irritability in children (Cham, Cina).
2 - () Restlessness, anxiety and fear, tremors (especially in hands), heat and as absent in fear all day, as if to have a rccidente and disappears after bedtime. Watch people.
3 - () Anxiety and heat throughout the body, especially on the head, while eating hot food. Anxiety: sweats all day, with the fever heat of the bed, uncovering cold limbs, feeling of guilt.
4 Malburnor evening. Sadness, not wanting to talk.
5 Disorders concerns or anger or sadness or fright or a friend being cheated.
Stunning 6, packs and unpacks his clothes several times, unaware of having done so.
7 - () has a sour smell around the body, as well as all secretions and excretions, which are acidic, especially in children.
8 - () The pains are sharp, along nerve pathways, constrictive, sharp, sudden, like lightning, especially on the left side and night, forcing the patient to get up and walk, because they are unbearable at rest, especially in side on this bed. Rheumatic pains are worse after walking a lot and in bed, better by heat.
9 - () Aggravation by rest, for the warmth of the bed by temperature changes (it is very sensitive to cold winds and cold weather chills and always has), in milk during menstruation; every three weeks ; the evening and night, by uncovering (and dislikes) and eating hot food. BETTER: moving or walking outdoors and the warm air. Ill effects of strokes. It's chilly, but want to open.
10 - () Especiamnente indicated: exhausted women, nerves exhausted by excessive worries, irritability and insomnia in disorders that appear in people who have taken this drug for a long time to calm his stomach, in very young children-sized , sickly, irritable, and reject not tolerate milk, and have a strong sour smell throughout the body, very thinned and bulimia.
11 falls frequently when walking or standing, without loss of consciousness.
Seizures. Extreme weakness, worse on waking, a short walk so tiring. Weight loss, pallor, fatigue continuum; pretuberculosis.
Desire and aversion Magnesia carb
12 - () like fruits, vegetables, meat (more in children), food acids, bread and bread with butter, cold drinks and milk. Aversion to bread, buttered bread, butter, hot foods, meat and milk.
13 acute lancinating pains in the side of the head on which he lies, worse after a burnout. Pain in the vertex as if hair toss. Vertigo when kneeling or standing, as if all went round, or the morning on rising, with nausea and drooling, barely able to stand, staggering gait, not to go outside for fear that people will crash. Oppression and heat on the vertex. Heaviness and headache in the temples Grente and early morning (not in the neck). Headaches from mental effort, pressing on the vertex. Desquamation and itching in the head. Hair loss.
14 - () Eyes inflamed with redness, burning, pain and blurred vision.
Exophthalmos. The eyelids are glued to the morning. Dryness or large tears.
Opacity of the cornea. Falls. Floaters.
15 - () red and sore ears. Hearing loss with buzzing or hissing, or as if a bird fluttering in the ears, sounds worse Acoyte like bells or like running water. Rapidly growing deafness, worse from taking cold or eruption of wisdom teeth. Listen as explosions or songs. Falling asleep ear.
Epistaxis 16 tomorrow. Nasal Obstruction dry coryza. Vesicles in the nose, with pain. Premenstrual coryza.
17 - () pale, earthy, alternating with red, pale in menstruation. Tension in the face, as if he had dried egg white or have a web. Facial neuralgia with tearing, sharp, worse on the left, especially in the zygomatic region, shows at night, forcing the patient out and walking, holding hands with the painful area and shaking his head, with anxiety and exhaustion, the pain relieved by movement but recurs just stop or rest in bed, worse in open air or cold, by cold applications or exposure to cold, or by a current of air, touching, sitting, better by pressure or walking , and more outdoors. Throbbing pain in the maxillary sinus, with swelling of right malar.
Small hard lumps in the corners of the mouth. Tumor malar painful.
Herpes lip.
18 - () Boca sore and raw-looking, with ulceritas at the tip of the tongue, which is cracked and red with acid saliva. Vesicles burning across the oral mucosa, bleeding at the slightest touch. Dry mouth, worse at night and morning. Acid or bitter taste. Bloody saliva. Canker.
19 - () Toothache night, true neuralgia, requiring the patient to get up and walk from side to side as if they become intolerable or at rest stops, extending to the temples, and the swollen cheek, neck rigid and shaking hands and feet, worse cold air, in bed, eating, before and during menstruation, in a warm room, better by cold water, throbbing; in pregnancy. Feeling of having long teeth. Disorders eruption of wisdom teeth, worse on the left. Loose teeth, with swollen gums.
20 - () Sore throat worse speaking and swallowing and before menstruation, burning pain with dryness, and removes mucus from tomorrow. Start of cheesy chips throat, foul.
21 - () Violent thirst, over night. Belching acid (kale or cabbage worse) or acid regurgitation with gastralgias. Nausea eating. Arcades. Vomiting bitter or salty water, or milk can not digest. Gastralgias pressive or as an ulceration, with great tenderness. Sour vomiting.
Gastric empty feeling nauseated.
S2 gurgling and rumbling in the belly. Induraci6n and pains in the liver region. Excessive abdominal distention with heaviness. Painful cramps, spasms or sharp or pointed edges, forcing him to bend, worse in the cecal region. Inguinal hernia, especially left. The Colic night to remove abundant gases.
23 - () Constipation after an intense emotion or prolonged mental work, wanting inefficient and low stool, or just remove gases, stools dry, hard, into pieces. Acidic diarrhea stools, greenish, watery, frothy, like a puddle of frogs, with urgency, sometimes with floating white bits, preceded by colic, or milk. Diarrhea: Morning and night, in RINO, after taking milk or teething or Summer, for fruit.
Pain in anus and rectum. Ascariasis and threadworm. The milk comes out undigested in the suckers. White and hard stools.
24 Urine copious, watery, pale or greenish, often even at night. She wets when walking or rising from a chair. You feel burning and soreness when urinating.
White sediment in urine.
25 Absence of erections, decreased sexual desire. Frequent pollutions.
Sale prostatic fluid when passing flatus. Scrotal hernia.
26 - () Menses late, scanty, short, bloody, thick, dark or black as tar and is difficult to clean; with cutting or delivery, back pain, weakness and chills. The menses flows much more or only at night, lying down or sleep and goes off when walking or when the stomach hurts. General aggravation during menstruation, headaches, fainting. White mucus and corrosive.
27 - () laryngeal cough from tickling, worse in the evening until midnight, with serous expectoration, or hemoptysis salt, or morning, with expectoration of black blood or yellowish pus, or paroxysms of coughing at 3 o'clock. Oppression and constriction in the chest, with mild dyspnoea, worse when walking, with pressure,
heaviness and pain.
28 excoriating precordial pain, with palpitations.
29 - () Stiffness in the neck, sometimes with tearing. Bruised pain in back and sacrum, at night, as if broken.
30 - () Pain as a dislocated right shoulder when lifting the arm, or can not lift it. Attacks of tearing in the shoulder, worse at night;
with tingling to the toes. Cracked skin on the hands. Tension like cramp in the joints of the fingers, with heat in the fingers, swelling and redness. Blisters that are extended hands and fingers with needles. Drawing pains in legs and feet. Cramps in calves at night. Swelling in the popliteal fossa. Restlessness in the legs. Sites that burn in the tibial region. Boils on the legs.
Itching in the buttocks. Warm feet, the uncovered at night.
31 - () Sueno who do not rest; this more tired when you get up to at bedtime. Violent yawning. Daytime sleepiness. Insomnia from flatulence or discomfort in the wisdom tooth. Can not sleep after 2 or 3. Anxious dreams: he speaks, screams, and jumps. Sounds with fire, thieves,
3eleas, misfortune, money, pleasure, death, floods, etc.
32 - () chills and shivers at night, better after sleep, running down the back. Fever at night, with restlessness and a desire to uncover. Sweats thirsty from midnight until morning. Sweats sour, fatty and that stain clothes yellow copious morning.
33 Dry, yellowish, leathery, with violent itching. Large, painful lumps between skin and muscles. Urticaria with much swelling.
Vesicles and blisters corrosive and stretching.
Chamomilla Lycopodium.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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