Magnesia mur. Homeopathy

Magnesia mur
(Magnesium chloride)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Magnesia mur
1 - () Anxiety especially at night in bed with alarm, closing his eyes, after dinner, with fever, for his health at home, before and during menstruation, when reading (feels like someone further reading, which encourages more and faster reading), the anxiety in open air. He speaks eagerly when sleeping.
2 - () Very sensitive to noise and the voices. Suddenly awakened by bad dream. Premenstrual irritability. While lying unconscious.
3 - () Aversion to conversation, wants to be alone. This excited, tearful mood easily prone to mourn and fear. Feeling bad, sad, unhappy. You disgust to the effort. Nostalgia.
4 It is suppose someone walked behind him or run after him, especially before menstruation.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Magnesia mur
5 - () Worse, the rest, at the lake or a sea bath (feels very weak), by touch, by pressure, by cold (it is very sensitive to cold and cools easily) but want to open; lying, sitting and mental efforts. Better: motion, by the pressure and the open (as desired).
6 - () Lactase deficiency, which causes gastralgias and is eliminated as it is ingested, undigested, especially in rickety children, little size, and during teething.
7 Especially adapted to diseases of women with spasmodic and hysterical disorders (globus hysterical, fainting, etc.). With metropatias, suffering from long time ago of liver problems and indigestion. She faints during lunch.
8 Dolores spasmodic, cramping or terebrantes.
Desire and aversion of Magnesia mur
9 - () I want candy.
SPECIFIC Magnesia mur
10 - () Dizziness in the morning when getting up or eating better outdoors.
Periodic migraines or headaches, every 30 to 40 days, with painful pressure in the forehead and around eyes, as if the temples were crowded with pop sensation, and which requires the patient pressed the head in his hands, because it strong pressure improvement or shelter or bed head or heat, is aggravated by movement and the open air, dizzy and thirsty. Feeling that you pull the hair, but on the vertex. It numbs the front. Sensation of boiling water on the side of the head that is supported, as in boiling. Tendency to sweat in the head.
11 - () Burning pain in the eyes, with redness and tearing, worse when looking at something in broad daylight, with sensation of having sand in the eyes gradually improved by rubbing. Yellow sclera. You see a green halo around lights. Periocular pain.
12 Pulsation in the ears. Hearing loss, as if something in front of the ears. Otalgia. Buzzing. Herpes Itching auricular.
13 crusts in the nostrils, with excoriation, ulceration, and pain when touched, with burning. Nasal Obstruction worse at night. Download serous nasal secretion. Lower nose swollen, indurated, red and hot, worse tomorrow. Coryza with lack of taste and smell, and yellowish mucous secretion blowing fetida. Nasal dryness. Ozena.
14 - () pale, yellow or earthy, pale in menstruation.
Twitching facial neuralgia. Facial tension, cramping pain in the facial bones. Pimples on the forehead that itch. Chapped lips. Herpes labialis. Facial pain worse by dampness, better by pressure and heat.
Premenstrual eruptions on face, forehead and eyebrows.
15 - () Dry mouth at night, without thirst. Cracks burning on the tongue.
White tongue in the morning, or pointed and clean edges, or large, flabby, yellow and painful as if burnt, burns like fire. White frothy saliva, or serum, copious. Bad taste, bitter or salty.
16 Toothache worse from the slightest contact with food. Sense of elongation of the upper incisors. Gums swollen and bleed easily.
17 Sense of raw throat, worse at night, with dryness. Start up very sticky mucus, often with blood.
18 - () Thirst and frequent violent headaches on awakening. Poor appetite (with bad taste), or bulimia, not knowing he wants. Regurgitation when walking. Sensation as if to ascend a ball (belly to the esophagus), better burping. Violent hiccough during and after eating, with gastralgias.
Eructations taste or smell of rotten eggs or onions. Nausea worse in the morning to get up or if you really hungry, or feeling of faintness, excitement and tears. Pain as from ulceration, as if a wound, with great sensitivity to touch, sometimes with nausea. Throbbing epigastric, and heat in the stomach. Gastralgia walking. You can not digest milk was indigestible and has gastralgias.
19 - () belly swollen and distended, with bowel sounds, flatus better. Congestion of the left lobe of the liver. Burning pain in right hypochondria, that goes to the right shoulder blade; worse foot forward when walking. Induration and hypertrophy of the liver, with burning pain and pressing cue aggravated by walking, playing and lying on the right side (Bryonia), the pain spread to her back. Belly hard and painful, worse right side. Colic or cramps, sometimes from the right ovary to the thigh, followed by flow. Congenital scrotal hernia. Sometimes one can lie on the aching liver, can not lie on the left side, because he feels that the liver hanging to the left and it hurts.
20 - () Together with the liver, the rectum is the main center of action of Magnesia mur. Constipation with hard, dry stools, scanty, large, knotty, like sheep faeces, or pellets are expelled with difficulty, and crumble or fragment on the edge of the anus, sometimes whitish (in jaundice). Constipation in children during dentition. Constipation with ineffectual urging constant. Sometimes diarrhea jet removal. Stool gray, greenish, with debris or mucosanguinolentas yellowish.
Haemorrhoids, with burning during and after defecation. Taeniasis. Pruritus ani.
21 - () with urination Urinary frequency low. You can only urinate a lot contracting the abdominal muscles for a long time. Pale or yellowish urine, followed by urethral burning. Urine only drop by drop, with the feeling that there is always something behind. Incomplete urination, weak, unsatisfactory, urethra insensible, he feels nothing to urinate in the dark does not know whether or not urine.
22 - () Violent itching on the male genitalia, which extends to the anus. Frequent erections in the early morning, with burning in the penis. Burning in the back after intercourse. Pain in the testicles after a repressed sexual excitement, worse when touched or moved. Wet dreams with or without dreams. Scrotum relaxed and covered with sweat.
23 - () Menses early, heavy, black as tar, clotted with back spasms, cramps and abdominal cramps, great excitement, agitation and anxiety, but abundant when lying or sitting position.
Metrorrhagia frequent, more abundant at night, black blood, with a sore back better from hard pressure or leaning on a hard pillow.
Flow preceded by cramps in the womb or after exercise or movement or by moving the belly or mid-cycle three or four days.
Scirrhous uterus.
24 Hoarseness in morning on rising. Laryngeal tickling. Hemoptysis by bathing in the sea. Dry cough at the lake, with burning and sensation of excoriation in the chest. Sudden feeling of weight and chest tightness, dyspnea, when eating.
25 - () Palpitations worse by rest or sitting, better by motion.
Pain in the tip of the heart as sutures with needles, with pain under left shoulder blade, like a knife hitting the bone, you can not breathe.
Tachycardia with heat or sitting still.
26 adenopathies in the neck. Sore back and hips, and cramps, heartburn or stitches, worse walking.
27 - () Tearing pain in the shoulder, the hand extended to worse by movement. They sleep tomorrow's arms on awakening or at night in bed.
Legs tired, heavy. Cramps in calves at night. Painful burning or heat in the soles of the feet, at dusk, the uncovered.
Sweating in the feet, sleep the right upper limb when lying on left side.
28 Sleepiness during the day, with yawning and indolence. Takes to fall asleep, insomnia with heat and thirst, and great concern to close the eyes (see l). Anxious dreams, nightmares, sleep talking and yelling. Tired of the morning, sleep is not rest. Jerking awake at night. Sounds with fire.
29 Chills in the evening, disappearing into the bed 16 to 20 hours even near a stove. Fever from dusk to midnight. Sweating after midnight, with thirst.
Tingling in the skin 30. Pustules, boils, red papulitas. Jaundice.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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