Magnesia phosphorica. Homeopathy

MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA (Magnesium Phosphate)

Stunning 1, inability to think clearly. He does not like to study or no mental effort, falls asleep when attempting to study. Very forgetful.

2 Persistence mental depression, with anxiety. He complains constantly about his pain, with tears and sobs.

3 - () intense neuralgic pains, very sharp, which follow the course of the affected nerve and appear suddenly, like lightning that comes and goes, quickly changing place, appearing in paroxysms that make cry, which might be of all types of sensation, predominantly as cramps, but never hot, or are aggravated by the slightest cold and the slightest contact and improved heat and hot applications and pressure; dominate the right side of the body, often coincide or alternated with a feeling of constriction with great prostration and sometimes with profuse sweating.

4 - () The symptoms worsen or appear for the movement, from cold (cold air, cold bathing or washing with cold water, cold wind), air currents, by uncovering, touch (touching the affected part) , lying with your back straight, eating or walking, and night. Improve or disappear by the local and general heat, pressure, bending, leaning forward and friction.

5 - () smooth muscle spasms, especially of hollow viscera (stomach, intestines, uterus, bladder, etc.). And contractions or cramps in the striated muscles (legs, legs, diaphragm (hiccups), glottis, hands, etc.). ACCOMPANIED BY sudden pain, intense intermittent or paroxysmal, which make the patient scream and made worse by cold and relieved by heat, pressure and bending. It is one of the greatest antispasmodic. Korea; tetanus. seizures, epilepsy. Parkinson's Disease.

6 - () Conditions to predominance in the right side of the body: head, ear, face, thorax, ovary, sciatic, etc..

7 Disorders by standing with your feet in cold water or cold working with plaster. Disorders of dentition in children: seizures without fever.
Periodicity in the appearance of many disorders.

8 Languid, tired, exhausted, unable to sit upright. Especially useful in lean, dark and very nervous.

9 - () vertigo when moving, falls forward on closing eyes, better walking outdoors. Sensation as if the contents of the skull were liquid parts of the brain or change of place or like a helmet on his head. Paroxysmal headaches of all types that begin or are worse in the
occiput and extends to the whole head, with sparkling vision or diplopia, with red face and sometimes nausea, with sensation of heaviness or fullness, caused by emotions, cold, mental effort (headaches of school) or much study, is worse moving, lying down, 10 to 11 hours or 16 to 17 or from 9 to 16 or 20 hours, sometimes ending with a chill; always better by pressure, local heat or wrapping the head. Electric shock sensation that starts in the head and spreads throughout the body.
Scalp rough as a grater. Pustules. Dandruff plenty of bright white flakes.

10 - () orbital and supraorbital neuralgia, intermittent, like lightning,
especially on the right side, with great tenderness, deep watering and improved by local heat. Itching and heat in the lower left eyelid, twitching in the eyelids. Nystagmus, strabismus. Right eyelid ptosis. Vision cloudy optic nerve weakness, "retinits pigmentosa. Miosis. Diplopia, photophobia. See sparks or colors of the rainbow, or black spots when trying to read.

11 - () Earache heat better. Acute right retroauricular pain, which is much aggravated by cold air or by washing your face with cold water, better by heat. Ear pain when turning head.

12 alternatives nasal obstruction with secretion clearance and copious white, worse left side, with burning like raw.

13 - () Facial neuralgia (one of the most important drugs) right, supra and infraorbital, with lancinating, tearing or puncture, that appear or are aggravated by exposure to cold, cold wind, dry 14 hours or night (driving out of the bed), cold air or by the local cold outdoors or by air currents, motion of the jaw or opening the mouth while eating and touching, the pains , which are like lightning that can irradiate a whole side of the face, relieved by pressure, local heat and motion, often accompanied by spasms or contractions of muscles of the face and swelling. Lockjaw.
Convulsive in the corners of lips. Painful contraction of the temporomandibular jaw joint.

14 Language is yellowish or white. Bad taste or acid. Sore mouth, as raw, burning and burned. Dry mouth with sticky saliva. Cracks in corners of lips. Stuttering spasmodic.

15 - () Toothache, dental neuralgia real heinous, lancinating,
paroxysmal fast changing place, and that occur or are agrravan after bedtime at night, drinking or eating cold things, cold air or by touching or brushing teeth, better heat and hot drinks. Toothache in decayed teeth or fixed.

Spasm or constriction with 16 drowning, throat, wanting to swallow liquids. Red and sore throat, pain in the muscles of the right side of the neck. Mucus coming down from the nose to the throat with estonudos.
Foreign body sensation in the throat, with constant desire to swallow.

17 - () Thirst for cold drinks. Aversion to coffee. Like sugar. Hypo intense
painful, day and night, with arcades. Belching burning or heartburn, worse efforts, best to drink hot liquids. Nausea and bilious vomiting (sometimes bloody), with the headaches and cramping.
Gastralgias play with great sensitivity to the epigastrium, eating better or worse bending and drinking cold water. Spasms or cramps in the stomach, as if a belt was too tight around the body, with clean tongue. Flatulent distention of the stomach, with sensation of fullness after eating and great concern, with constricting pain.

18 - () Enteralgia better by pressure. Acute intestinal cramping and colic, flatulent generally, with paroxysms of intense, forcing the patient to bend double and strongly support the hands on the belly (Colocynthis, which has much in its magnesium phosphate composition), worse from cold and better for friction, local heat and pressure, with belching not improve it. Great distension of the stomach with bloating, and feeling of fullness that makes him loose clothing and walking from side to side to flatus, which some relief. The predominant colic around the navel and radiate to the sides and back. Sharp pain in right inguinal ring, as if to get a hernia, the better pressing hard.
Incarcerated flatulence. Flatulent colic of infants.

19 Diarrhea abrupt watery, gushing, with colic (see 18), sometimes white or mixed with blood. Constipation in young children with severe pain and crying or shrieking at every effort. Stools hard at first, then soft, followed by anal burning. Pruritus ani.

20 Constant urination walking or standing. Spasm of the bladder or the neck, spasmodic retention of urine, tenesmus. Nocturnal enuresis, with great polyuria. Urethral discharge with violent burning pains when urinating.
Pains in the bladder after catheterization, cutting pain before urinating.

21 Constant sexual desire (in humans).

22 - () menstrual cramps, with lightning pains throughout the hypogastrium
cutting, drawing, pressing, such as cramps, intermittent, worse on the right and before menstruation; best local heat, bent double, and after starting the flow monstrual. Membranous dysmenorrhoea. Menses early, black blood fibrinous long filaments. Lips swollen and sometimes painful. Vaginismus. Farto spasmodic pains like cramping, excessive expulsive efforts (relaxes the uterus to contract). Retained placenta. Puerperal convulsions.

23 - () Asthma with flatulence. Dry cough spasmodic, violent, continuous, almost unable to speak, uncontrollable, his face twitching, choking, retching, worse in a warm room, better outdoors. The cough prevents him lying down, with oppression. Pertussis. Right intercostal neuralgia, acute,
intermittent, worse on the right and by motion, better by heat.
Oppression with a desire to take a deep breath, worse walking and entering a warm room after a bit better there.

Angina 24. Nervous palpitation, better lying on left side is the heartbeat of the tip through the clothes easily excitable heart. Constricting precordial pains.

25 Low back pain in the neck or sacrum, neuralgic pains in the back, erratic. Spine very painful and tender. Holy painful
with the feeling of missing part of a vertebra.

26 - () Painful joints. Involuntary jerking hands.
Tingling. Pain in shoulders and arms, worse on the right. Electric shock sensation in the limbs followed by muscle pain. Arms and legs weak and trembling. Pain in left forearm and hand, skin feeling tight in the toes. Rheumatic pain in right shoulder. Stitching pain in left thumb joint, swelling of the joints of the fingers. Writer's cramp and violinists and pianists. Cramps in calves; in pregnancy. Right sciatica with severe pain, worse from slight touch, the slightest current of air, and undressing or cold and motion, better shelter or local heat.
Feet very sensitive and painful corns. Left hip pain when walking. Tremor.

27 He sleeps and wakes up as an electric shock. He sleeps in the study. Violent yawning with tears, as if to dislocate the jaw. Unpleasant dreams, and wakes with the feeling that someone in the room, or you see him standing near. Insomnia from exhaustion, or wake up at night exhausted.

28 Intermittent fever with cramps in the calves. Chills up and down the back, with shaking, followed by suffocation, at 9.
Curs after eating, at 19. Chills with chattering teeth to get outdoors, preferably in a warm room. Fever. Profuse sweating.

29 Urticaria as insect bites, worst in knees, ankles and elbows. Sycosis barbae. Herpes with white scales.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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