Magnesia sulphurica. Homeopathy

(Magnesium Sulphate)
Anxiety 1 that he is out on whether he thinks that is going to die, as if to have an accident. Apprehension with disquiet and unease, with a tendency to mourn, melancholia.
2 Each take it amiss, easily irritated.
3 Errors of imagination, thinks he sees people who are absent.
4 - () Great exhaustion with soreness throughout the body, prostration, as if he had been beaten.
5 - () Diabetes.
6 Worst: by contact or touch it. Best: walking, in bed.
7 warts (face and hands). Epitheliomas.
Desire and aversion OF MAGNESIA SULPHURICA
8 Aversion to meat and all food, even just thinking about them.
9 Head feels like a tight ring. Vertigo with sensation of falling forward to the morning and after eating, with his head up and eyes closed. Headache with heat or congestion in the head and red face in the forehead, temples and vertex, worse on eye movement, with shivering.
Feeling, stooping, as if anything were to go out the front. Shaking sensation in the brain with each movement. Heaviness headaches during menstruation.
10 Pain in the eye, but on the right, as if to leave the orbits, worse on looking to the side. Burning eyes, worse for artificial light. Tearing with photophobia. Left supraorbital neuralgia.
Ringing in the ears 11. Otalgia.
12 Ulcerative pain in nose, worse when touched. Epistaxis night, with improvement of headache. Nasal discharge of thick yellow mucus, and copious.
Liquid with anosmia coryza and hoarseness.
13 Cara earthy. Tearing in facial bones. The Hot and dry by nightfall.
14 - () Dry mouth with feeling of numbness. Language aspera, with vesicles on the edges and pain. Toothache worse in the evening, on entering a room from the cold outside and by contact of food, better in bed. Boca bitter or sweet.
15 Gargate pain, worse at night and swallowing; punctures when not swallowing.
Throat dry and asleep. Accumulation of mucus.
Thirst 16 morning and evening, but during menstruation. Anorexia.
Eructations taste or smell of rotten eggs. Spitting up mucous, sour or putrid. Nausea with sialorrhea, with cold in the stomach, of tomorrow. Vomiting, first food, then mucous.
17 lancinating pain in hypochondrium, worse sitting or evening. Belly hard and full even after eating little. Violent pains periumbilical. Pressure in English as if it would burst when stretched. Itching in the left groin, which does not increase scratching. Rumbling in the belly, with flatus.
18 - () Diarrhea preceded by rumbling; acid in children. Stool sometimes hard, sometimes soft. Loose stools with tenesmus, with violent thirst. Stool very heavy (is his feature). Soft stool barely rises.
19 - () polyuria, urine clear or green. Urine drips. Bedwetting.
Pains in the urethral meatus after urination. Sedirnento abundant red.
20 points in the penis when sitting or walking. Erection without desire.
21 Menses early and heavy, thick black, with heavy headaches, chills, pain in English and sacrum. Metrorrhagia intermenstrual.
Very heavy flow, burning, worse when moving, with pains in sacrum and thighs.
22 Dry cough at night in bed, or waking in the morning (which makes sitting), with burning from the larynx to the epigastrium. Morning cough with expectoration and pain in chest and throat excoriating. Chest tightness with dyspnea, chest and burning in the foot. Burning pains in the chest and the sternum when coughing, as if to get a piece of lung.
23 ulcerative pain between the shoulder blades, as if there a fist that keeps you from lying on their back, better by friction. Pinching and tension in the back, worse than the morning on rising and touch, better walking, as if beaten. Tearing in the back, at night, making it swing from side to side.
24 Tearing in shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, and at the tips of the fingers (at night) and legs, with contractures of fingers and toes. You sleep the left arm and foot, the morning after awakening. Rheumatic pains in left limbs, worse at night. Tremor. Cold feet.
25 Insomnia by violent stomach pains or headaches. Distressing dreams. Chills going up the back, worse at 21, better in bed, with thirst and headache. Heat in the head with cold in the body. Alternate heat and chills, and pale or red face. Night sweats or morning, with thirst.
26 Itching, plaques, with burning after scratching, worse undressing.
Tendency to boils. Warts.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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