Magnetis Polus australis. Homeopathy

Magnetis humor AUSTRALIS
(Lactose or water saturated the South Pole energy emanations of Iman)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of humor Magnetis AUSTRALIS
1 Moodiness with aversion to the conversation, people and smiling faces.
2 Rage, passion. Ideas unstable.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of humor Magnetis AUSTRALIS
3 - () aggravation of symptoms when the limb is hanging, and walking outside or sitting. Fear outdoors.
4 - () pains lancinating, stinging or burning at different body sites, and throbbing in the roots of some, as if to fester.
5 - () Tendency to freeze for a moderate cold, especially on the nose, ears, hands and feet.
6 Fainting when walking, and sitting is worse. Feeling of lightness throughout the body.
7 Vertigo, as if intoxicated, with a staggering gait. Heaviness or tingling or shock sensation in the head. Rush of blood to the brain semprano morning in bed.
8 - () Eyelid dry and burning, worse on motion, morning and evening.
Tearing. The objects are dim and doubles.
9 - () Sialorrhea. Speaks haltingly, with swollen tongue sensation.
Toothache worse from hot things. Sore throat. Metallic taste, sweet or acid. The food is tasteless.
10 - () Bulimia. Epigastric pain during mental effort. Rumbling in the belly. Flatulent colic and distension abdomiinal with punctures. Sense of dilation of the inguinal ring, with pain when coughing.
11 loose or liquid stools, preceded by colic. Painful constriction in the rectum and anus, which prevents the exhaust.
12 Urinary incontinence by paralysis of the sphincter of the bladder, over night. Very weak stream or a drip. Nocturnal urinary frequency.
13 Impotence with abrupt cessation of orgasm at the time of more excitement. Pain in the penis. Shrinkage of the testicles painful night.
Testicles swollen, with tearing and sensation of contraction.
14 Menses early and copious. Metrorrhagia.
15 Cough with coryza, greenish expectoration, and dyspnea. Paroxysms of coughing sleeping. Need a deep breath, and sighs, involuntary swallowing. Oppression with chest cold. Drawing pressure on the sides of the sternum.
16 and hot pressing pain in the lumbar region. Like pain in the lumbar vertebrae fracture and sacroiliac joint.
17 - () pain, tingling and mild shake and fast along the arms, with heaviness and a gurgling in my veins. Pulsations and tingling in the fingertips; felons. It is possibly the main drug of one embodied in the big toe, as well as pain and infection. Clarke pointed out, always in first term and the 2000th, based in the pathogenesis of Hahnemann: "Pain in one of the big toe when walking, as if one had been embedded in the flesh to grow, with much pain just touches .
Contractions of the leg to move. His knees fail to move.
Pain in the feet when sitting the left hanging. Easy dislocation of the ankle to give a false step.
18 - () Insomnia overdrive before midnight. Prolonged sleep on the same topic. Sounds with fire. Snoring during expiration before midnight, and during inspiration after midnight. He sleeps on its back.
Shivering heat 19 followed by the face and head, and throughout the body.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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