Magnolia grandiflora. Homeopathy

Magnolia grandiflora
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Magnolia Grandiflora
1 Aversion to any occupation. Confusion and numbness. Little or no memory.
2 Apprehensive, he thinks that is going to die. He scares easily, with visual hallucinations. Moodiness with burning hands.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Magnolia Grandiflora
3 - () Dolores Contusive, constrictive, rheumatism, especially joints, rapidly changing place or alternate with other sites are better in dry weather in the morning to get up and exercise. It is often accompanied by stiffness, which occurs mainly by the reduced exposure to a humid air stream.
4 - () Aggravation: humid air, lying on the left side to just get up tomorrow. Amelioration: dry weather and by the movement.
5 - () weakness with loss of consciousness of his actions, hearing and feeling like everything is far away, with anorexia and burning in feet and hands.
General heaviness, as from lack of sleep. Aversion to move or to leave your home.
SPECIFIC Magnolia Grandiflora
6 Vertigo in the evening, better lying down, blurred vision, stomach languor and flushed face. Headache worse on the left side and after eating, throbbing, migraine. Occipital headache and heaviness as by a blow on the left temple.
7 Pain in the eyes from sunlight. Eyelids heavy. Vision blurred.
8 Otalgia that extend to the shoulder or neck.
9 Severe pain in the temporomandibular jaw joints, which prevents it from opening his mouth, the pressure worse, extending to the ear.
10 Pain in the mouth. Aching teeth that prevent you from chewing.
11 Throat red. Sore throat turning the head, waking him at night. Constriction with burning and dryness. Mucus in throat. Swallow hard, even saliva.
12 Sense of hunger with acidity. Nausea on rising, best breakfast.
Gastralgia burning (extended into the chest) or pulsatile (extended left). Gastric emptying with fatigue, dizziness and nausea.
13 - () Flatulence. Pains in the womb, with suffocation in hypochondria;
by pressure, with diarrhea or ineffectual urging to stool; alternately in the spleen and heart. Contusive pain in liver and spleen. Lower abdominal pain and left groin. Constipation. Makes a lot of strength to urinate.
14 - () Pain in left ovary, extending to the thigh. Thick, white or yellow. Metrorrhagia intermenstrual. Delayed menstruation, painful, pale, scanty. Premenstrual: sacral pain, hypogastric and thighs, with headache, heat in the face, nausea and chills.
15 - () Hoarseness. Dry cough during the day. Dyspnea when walking fast or lying on the left side or after dinner, with malaise and desires stretch.
Glue on the sides of the chest, but the right. Rheumatic pain in the clavicles. Rheumatic pains around the chest, often with stiffness.
Constriction as a band under the armpits.
16 - () chest pain or cramps in stitches, afraid to die, worse morning on waking or deep breathing or lying on the left side extended to the back or left shoulder (or alternating with) Itching feet, aching pain disappear after.
Angina pectoris. Aortic Aneurysm. Endocarditis and pericarditis. Sensation as if the heart had stopped beating. Pulse weak and frequent.
17 Weight at the neck, stiffness and pain in neck and back contusive with fatigue in the spine. Sharp pains, burning or stinging in the back, especially in the lumbar and sacral regions.
18 - () Members tired, rigid. Dislocation-like pains in the joints. Wandering rheumatic pains, predominantly on the left side: elbows and behind the knees. Pain in shoulder, arm, leg, knee.
Pain behind the knees and elbows. Extended left shoulder pain in the heart or ear. Weak arm. Rheumatic pains in the wrists. Discomfort in his hands, rubs them together consistently. Sharp pain in the metacarpophalangeal joint of the big toe. Numbness of left arm.
Stiffness in the legs. Pain in hips and thighs in the morning to
rising, at noon, with weariness. Tired legs, as if he'd run. Itching of the feet.
19 Yawning with daytime sleepiness.
Chills to 20 pm, night fever. Fever with burning in throat and headache, heat in hands and feet, then sweats.
21 Itching general discomfort in the legs.