Malaria officinalis. Homeopathy

(Decaying plant material for one to three weeks in water)
1 It feels stupid and sleepy.
2 - () feeling of great exhaustion and weakness, especially in the sacrum pevis and thighs, as if he had a long illness, sometimes by a short walk, with an intense desire to lie down and stretch.
Tuberculosis. Malaria (see Fever).
3 - () The best and worst eating in a closed room (head and stomach) and the cold air (it cools). Need doors and windows in the room open.
Desire and aversion OF MALARIA OFFICINALIS
4 like potatoes, apples, acids, meat and cold drinks, lemonade.
5 - () feeling dizzy when standing up asleep or lying down or crouching or walking. Headache in the forehead and temples, as if head would burst, or throbbing. Occipital pain with fever, worse at night lying on my back or on the left side.
6 Pain in the inner corner of right eye. Feel heavy and sleepy eyes, burning like coals. Is cloudy, hard to read.
Yellow eyes.
7 Painful drawing in the right ear. Nasal catarrh, with yellow and hard pieces that go backward, sometimes with nasal obstruction. Epistaxis of tomorrow.
8 Itching in right cheek. Hot face, with heat throughout the body.
Face very yellow.
9 - () Sensation of grains of pepper on the tip of the tongue. Tongue white or a brown stripe in the center. Profuse salivation which forces him to swallow often. Bitter taste. Very dry mouth sensation, but this wet or sticky saliva. Dry lips and throat.
10 Thirsty for large quantities. Appetite marked. Belching, nausea, retching, vomiting bile. Throbbing in pit. Noise and burning in the stomach.
11 - () Hot and tired feeling in the stomach, or bloating and discomfort.
Pain in the spleen. Pain in the liver, worse on deep breathing, lying down and by pressure, better after urination and a strong pressure, such as cramping or tenderness, with pain under right shoulder blade. Pain to the right of the umbilicus.
12 Diarrhea morning, with yellowish and fetid liquid stools.
Urine as I loaded 13, with strong odor or ammonia. Urinary frequency or wants to urinate and can not.
14 - () desire to breathe deeply. Tired feeling in the chest.
Constant cough speaking or roll over in bed. Pain in the upper left thorax, burning the scapula. Frequent sighs with worry and nerves.
15 - () Fatigue and mild burning in the neck and lumbar region. Back pain worse after walking or just lying down, lying on his belly. Back pain right at the height of the liver, spread to the right hypochondrium, worse sitting and better walking slowly. It seems as if he might break his back.
16 - () Chills in left forearm, hands and fingers, cold feet and knees. The sensation of cold from the legs up. Members asleep and cold.
Pain and tiredness in the limbs.
17 - () Sleepy, you can fall asleep reading or standing, but the dream did not rest. He yawns and stretches. Very restless sleep.
18 - () In the pathogenesis have been intermittent bouts of fever, daily rate or tertiary, with chills lasting an hour, followed by fever for six hours. The chills begin at noon, every other day, with cold generalized fever followed by heat and worse in the trunk, and then mild sweat. After feverish access this muv weak and sleepy, can not get up. Latent malaria. Forms and daily tertian malaria.
19 Skin yellow, dry.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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