Malta: cereal, properties

 What is Malta?
The Malta is a product consisting of roasted barley to prepare an infusion, which can take many assets in place of coffee, either after meals or at any time.
The action of heat on barley grains during the roasting process causes a dextrinacion of starch it contains (in polysaccharide processing easier) and a caramelization of the sugars. The reaction of ketone and aldehyde groups of reducing sugars with the amino group of amino acids from seed (Maillard reaction), causes a dark brown substance, melanoidins, endowed with a characteristic odor, which considerably improves the organoleptic properties barley, while increasing the solubility of some components.
The infusion prepared from Malta presents a dark coloration, very similar to the cafe, with an appetizing aroma, taste and allows highly digestive drink after meals.

Malta Properties
The Malta has the great advantage of not containing any stimulant substance, making it particularly suitable for people easily nervous excitability, hypertension or digestive problems. Likewise for those who have been banned beverages containing caffeine or other stimulants to Malta is indicated.

How to use the Malta
The infusion of Malta is prepared in the same way as coffee, being able to use any utensils or equipment to use.

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