Mancinella. Homeopathy

(Hippomane Mancinella Manzanillo)
1 - () fear of loss of reason, think you are going to go crazy. Fear of ghosts. Premenstrual anxiety.
2 - () depressive states in puberty and menopause, with heightened sexuality (Hering). Sadness, aversion to work and answer questions. Nostalgia. Taciturn and shy. All screws up and bores. He lamented the suffering of others. Want to be happy in vain.
c 3 Fade sudden thoughts, forget any moment he wants to do. Wandering thoughts.
4 - () Mentally, this anger and worse after eating. Disorders of excessive joy.
5 - () Burning with vesication and ulceration of the skin and mucous membranes, especially in the head, eyes, throat, abdomen and rectum.
6 - () Worse: for cold drinks; heat of the oven (headache). Better: the
heat and lying down. Tendency to uncover.
Seizures 7. Fainting with cramps. Feeling tired and upset in the States, it stretches.
Desire and aversion of MANCINELLA
8 - () Aversion to meat, bread, wine, alcohol. Desire for cold water and salt.
9 - () Vertigo in morning on rising, sometimes with loss of consciousness.
Sensation of emptiness in the head walking, or being beaten, or as if he had been in the sun. Stitches in the head or throbbing pain, worse from artificial light or radiant heat. Itching of the scalp. The hair falls out after a severe acute illness.
10 Loss of vision, blindness. Swollen eyelids. Dark circles. Heaviness and dry eyes and eyelids. Burning in the eyelids to close you. Go waving objects.
Sensation of 11 ears. Hot and red ears. Hey bells, or drums or roaring sounds like voices.
12 - () Pressure at the root of the nose. You smell gunpowder, dung, etc.. Puffy face, puffy, pale or yellowish. Heat in the face, followed by pricking, painful itching and burning, the next day swelling and blistering yellow, followed by desquamation. Vesicles girls on the chin.
The lower lip hangs.
13 - () Bitter taste or blood (desms of Domir). Mouth and tongue vesiculitas filled with burning and stinging. Large blisters on the palate. Tongue white or mapped; dry. Sialorrhea; yellowish fetida. Halitosis.
14 - () Uvula very long. Heat in throat and esophagus, without thirst; great dryness on waking, with stitches. Choking sensation that rises to the throat when speaking. Tonsils swollen and suppurating. Ulcers, burning, white or yellowish, in the tonsils and throat.
15 - () Excessive nausea and can not burp, choke the air rising from the stomach and can not leave, with weakness and palpitations. Vomiting green, acids, fatty, food, black, improve the headache. Burning in the stomach, with nausea and burning sensation of rising. Epigastrium swollen and sensitive to pressure. Gastralgia with distraction, for drinking, worse for cold drinks.
16 - () pain in the hypochondrium, in a point or a sudden stitch, which compels pressed, with rumbling on the left side to bada breathing or lying flat on the right side or roll over to that side. Colic after drinking water, with diarrhea or fainting.
17 - () profuse diarrhea, with burning in anus, cutting pains in the stomach and much flatus. Diarrhea alternating with constipation. Greenish or bloody stools or watery stools or black and foul, with urgency, with vomiting.
Bleeding hemorrhoids after stool, with sensation of keystrokes.
18 tired feeling in the area of the kidneys with a desire to rub and stretch backward. Stitches in the bladder before and at the beginning of urination, with burning urethra. Urine whitish cloud at rest.
18 nymphomania in menopause.
19 In humans, increased sexual desire. Itching of the scrotum.
20 - () nasal voice. Scrape or cut into the larynx. Asthma, wheezing. Violent cough for the least effort, with stitches in the trachea, worse at night and drinking. The expectoration improved dyspnea. Noise and constriction in the chest. Pain in the middle of the sternum, worse when breathing and pressure.
Precordial stitches; palpitations.
21 Painful stiffness in the neck and neck, worse after sleep, in the sacral region. Stitches in left shoulder blade and left breast, at intervals.
22 - () Hands and feet frozen. Trembling and heaviness in arms and hands. Hands numb upon awakening. Painful stiffness in the joints of the fingers. Pain in the thumb. Some cyanotic. Tremor in the legs.
Stitches like needles in the legs, in the heel, inside out. Tingling in the feet while sitting. Burning in the soles, with sensation of dryness.
Large blisters on the soles, desquamation at the end of the fever.
23 Major drowsiness, and can not yawn. He wakes up like electric shocks in the larynx.
24 - () Chills. Heat waves like flames rising from the epigastrium; is uncovered. Burning fever or moderate, with headache. Sweats.
25 - () Intense erythema. Fungal growths. Erysipelas. Sequelae of scarlet fever. Pemphigus. Vesicles yellow, small, followed by desquamation.
Large blisters, and burns. Thick crusts, brown. It promotes rapid healing of wounds.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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