Mandragora. Homeopathy

(Mandragora officinarum)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mandragora
1 - () prone to depression, with apathy or irritation, which may abruptly change to a euphoria with enthusiastic joy. Excitability restless, with weakness. Hypersensitive to noise.
2 Lack of interest in the job. Intellectual fatigability, lack of concentration and memory.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mandragora
3 - () Worst: 3 to 5 am, motion and effort, for stormy weather; in enclosed places, with many people (headache, hot flashes, palpitations); by heat. Best: double (sciatica, gastralgias and police), the right side.
4 foul-smelling secretions (sweat, feces, urine, mouth, etc.)..
Weakness 5. Cold and discomfort.
Desire and aversion of Mandragora
6 - () I want meat, fish, condiments, candy, cheese. Aversion to fats.
7 - () Heaviness in the head, sensation of fullness in the vessels, congestion of the head. Headache with sensation of swelling and heat, worse by movement and straining, the sun, snuff and alcohol, better by cold and pressure.
Mydriasis 8. See enlarged objects. Conjunctivitis. Foreign body sensation or increased volume of the eyeball.
9 exaggeration of the sounds. Ringing ears, cracking. Coryza with cold.
10 Languages asleep or if it burns like pepper, white or yellowish white. Dry mouth and pharynx. Acid taste. Sialorrhea. Toothache.
Gingival bleeding. Angina red.
11 - () Weight and swelling stomach after eating. Gastralgias fasting, with empty feeling, better drawn back. Hiccups. Vomiting by fat.
Liver pain. Bloat. Gallbladder pain, radiating to the back. Wholeness. and flatulence.
12 - () Constipation with hard stool white, or are evacuated with difficulty but are soft, or scybalous motions. Explosive diarrhea with cramps and tenesmus, better by bending, but tomorrow, putrid-smelling stool. Bleeding piles with burning pain.
13 Frequent urination, or hard, drop by drop. Bedwetting.
Cough from 14 laryngeal irritation. Acute bronchitis. Hoarseness. Dyspnea.
15 - () stabbing precordial pain, angina type, with anguish and the feeling that an iron ring clutched his heart, with cold sweat on his forehead, radiation of pain to left shoulder, better at rest,
lying and heat, worse from motion and effort.
16 - () Pain and heaviness in his right shoulder and deltoid. Pain and stiffness in neck, neck and buttocks. Writer's cramp. Pains in knees and feet, and spine. Right or left sciatica, worse sitting or standing or hanging down the affected limb and to begin the movement, if it continues to improve or walk or by heat. Hands and feet cold, even frozen feet in a warm room. "Dead hand" (white and cold). Sweaty palms.
17 Daytime sleepiness even after a good night's sleep. At night, restless and interrupted sleep of 3.30 to 5 hours.
18 - () Fever, not heat tolerant. Sweats generalized for the least effort. Night sweats and cold foul.
Boil 19 burn and heal with difficulty. Herpes Itching in the face and behind the ears. Herpes labialis. Oily skin on face and neck; cnsucia the patient's clothing and bedding. Petechiae.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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