Manganese. Properties

Function in the body

1) metal complex-activator enzyme involved in fat metabolism.
2) Synthesis of mucopolysaccharides.
3) use of glucose.
4) Relates to a proper osteogenesis.
5) There is an element of memory,
6) It gives strength to tissues to take the structure of the body, increases stamina, improves memory, thinking and coordinated action.
7) is needed mainly in the nervous system.
8) plays an important role in normal brain function, bone growth, reproductive system and metabolism of glucose.
9) As a component of the antioxidant enzyme, radical selected pure and promote health of the cells. Manganese need iron and phosphorus.

Indications of manganese
1) Facial neuralgia.
2) choleric temperament and quiet.
3) rectal cramps after meals.

Sources of manganese raw egg yolk, almonds, black walnut, watercress, mint, parsley, chicory, nuts (hazelnuts), wholegrain cereals, wholemeal bread, pulses, bananas, pineapples.

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