Manganum. Homeopathy

(Acetate and Manganese Carbonate [Hahnemann])
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Manganum
1 - () Anxiety with fear, lying down, it remains stubbornly lying in bed and not go out because you feel depressed and weak.
Sad sullenly. Silent, concentrated in itself. I do not welcome the lively music, but soon the sad affect. Abstracted, brooding.
Stunned. His forehead wrinkles for any trifle. When more going from one place to another, more anxiety.
2 - () Bitter and resentful, irritable and depressed. Involuntary laughing or crying. Irritable morning, worse music.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Manganum
3 - () Worse from cold, damp weather, the changes of time, before the storms, slept in feather beds, at night, bending backwards, motion, laughing, talking, walking, after eating.
Better: lying, bending, outdoor eating and swallowing.
4 - () pain in the bones, the bones are very sensitive to touch (but in the lower limbs), with red, raised spots on the skin, very painful. Inflammation of bones and joints with intolerable pain worse from cold night, and movement. Touching any part of body, mind feels extremely sore, and ulcerated. Periostitis with suppuration and necrosis. Deep bone pain, worse walking. Periarticular skin suppuration. Gouty or rheumatic pains, erratic, diagonally. Growing pains.
5 - () paralysis, beginning in the legs and ascend, abnormalities of the word. Paraplegics. Paralysis by degeneration or atrophy of the spinal cord above, sometimes with progressive muscular atrophy. Paralysis with tendency to run or go forward if he tries to walk. Parkinson's Disease. Wilson's disease. Walk very unstable and shaky, resting on the metatarsal phalangeal joint, with a tendency to fall forward. Can not walk leaning slightly backwards, because it falls. Tendon hyperreflexia.
6 - () Anemia, anemic girls tuberculosis imminent. Pernicious anemia.
7 - () Vertigo sitting with painful blows in the brain to move or walk, with confusion and stupor. Head heavy with feeling of enlargement. Headaches or congestion of the head, throbbing, better outdoors.
The headache that develops in a room, the better outdoors, and vice versa. Headache in temples, better bending forward, backward or worse sitting upright. Heats in the lead, at 16 pm. With thirst. Feels cold in small spots on the vertex. Can not bear the slightest touch on the scalp, which is very sensitive.
8 - () Intense pain in the eyes by looking closely at a shiny object or * fter a very fine work or artificial light. Burning heat and dryness of the eyes, diminished vision, myopia. Mydriasis or miosis. Morning glued eyelids, swollen and painful when moved or touched. Visual field decreased.
9 - () earache that come from elsewhere, there seem to be concentrated, or spread to the throat, eyes or teeth or other sites. Acute otalgia in speaking, swallowing, laughing, or walking. Deafness or hearing loss, worse cold, damp weather or weather changes, the better to blow. Ringing and noises in the ears, blowing blasts or swallowing and yawning cracks, whistles.
Itching in the ear that makes him the finger all the time, worse when swallowing.
10 - () stuffed coryza, dry or flowing; with anosmia and thick mucus secretion. Tearing in the forehead. Nose red and excoriated. Chronic nasal catarrh with blood, worse in cold, wet weather. All colds with sore throat turned into bronchitis.
11 - () Face pale, sunken, sickly. Violent pain from the jaw to temples to laugh; jaw cramps after eating, and the left mastoid region, and must tilt the head to the right. Lips dry and wrinkly. Vesicles on the upper lip. Rashes and sores on the lip cornices. Stolid face, expressionless, as if wearing a mask.
Tumor 12 flat in the center of the hard palate. Nodules, tubercles, warts or blisters on the tongue burning. Saliva bitter. Salty taste on the tongue, back in the morning on waking, eating better, or like a plaster. Burning pains in the tongue, at night in the room, better outdoors. Tongue dirty.
13 - () Toothache violent pass quickly to other sites, especially the throat and the ear, worse by contact with something cold or sitting upright, with dilated pupils, restlessness and prostration, you should lie.
Sore throat 14, with excoriating pain, worse when not swallowing, extending to the ear when swallowing. Sense of film that covers the larynx.
15 No thirst or appetite, aversion to food (feeling full). Gastric burning and heat up the chest. Gastralgias eating cold food, with nausea. Frequent indigestion, worse cold, damp weather.
16 - () Pain and pressure in hypochondria. Fatty degeneration of the liver.
Chronic liver hypertrophy. Mesenteric adenopathy with diarrhea and exhaustion. Contraction in the navel, with heat and nausea, extending to chest. Cutting in the umbilical region to breathe deeply, forcing the patient to bend. Abdomen large, distended. Movements in the belly when walking, as if hit each other's guts. Flatulence, with excessive flatus.
17 - () constipation with dry stool, knotty and difficult to expel, or alternating with diarrhea. Loose stools and adherent. Rumbling in the rectum.
Rectal pain on defecation. Painful constriction or contraction in the anus, worse sitting, better lying down.
Pollakiuria 18. Urethral lancinating or sharp pains when not urinating or to expel flatus. Pains in the bladder. Diurnal enuresis. Violet and earthy sediment in the urine.
19 Weakness genital drawing, burning pains in the spermatic cord, stretched to the glans. Itching in the glans, scrotum.
Stitches on the foreskin.
20 - () Menopause, with terrible heat waves that rise. Menses early, short, common and rare, or are watery and senoritas last a day in elderly and anemic. Metrorrhagia intermenstrual. Amenorrhea. Flow.
21 - () laryngeal constriction. Constant hoarseness, stubborn, worse morning and evening, and especially from cold and wet outdoors, better smoking. It is a great remedy for speakers and singers who abuse hoarse voice. Hoarseness during a coryza. Laryngitis to repeat, ending in a laryngeal tuberculosis. Stitches in larynx during swallowing, extending to the ear. Dry cough without expectoration, worse in damp weather yfrio, reading or talking loudly or too long or by scratching the ear canal, better lying down and noon, and still more on its back.
Sense of larynx closed, with hoarseness. Copious expectoration greenish yellow morning, almost without cough. Hemoptysis. Heat in chest. Pains in the chest above the stoop. Throbbing in the chest.
22 sudden precordial thump, top to bottom. Irregular, fast or slow, weak and soft.
Z3 stiff neck. Tearing across the column. Sacrum and coccyx pain when bending backward. Swollen red stripe on the left side of the neck.
24 - () Tearing pain from the shoulder to the fingers, or as if he had dislocated his shoulder. Joint and bone pains. Tension in the elbow and carpus, as if the tendons were short, in the hands. Inflammation and ulceration in the little finger. Cracks in the folds of the finger joints. Sweats in the legs. Pains in thighs, knees, weakness and tremor. Burning in the soles of the feet. Chafing between the toes. Very weak ankles in children, they can hardly walk.
Rheumatic and gouty pains (see 4). Articular rheumatism, especially in the small joints. Paralysis (see 5). Cramps in calves.
Muscle twitching. Periosteal pain in the tibia.
25 Sleepiness early in the night, with frequent yawning. Vivid dreams.
26 Chills or shivering in the evening, with icy hands and feet, with headache and heat in the head. Fever heat with hypersensitivity to touch the whole body. Profuse sweating with dyspnea. Night sweats neck and legs, they do scratch.
27 - () Chafing, cracks or rashes (psoriasis, eczema) and itching in the joint creases. Burning all the skin in the evening and on rising from bed. The skin takes to heal, any injuries tend to ulcerate.
Voluptuous itching, scratching better, in the tibia and popliteal fossa.
Chronic ulcers, deep blue or purple edged with Ugudos pains worse at night, usually near a joint. Itching with raised patches of red and very painful periarticular. Chronic eczema.
Pityriasis. Erythema nodosum. Itching in sites that transpire; worse by sweating.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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