Manzanilla. Essential oil

CHAMOMILE (Matricaria chamomilla)
Essence of blue, which often turns to green.

Properties chamomile essential oil:
1) Tonic and antispasmodic in the digestive organs.
2) febrifuge and tonic in viral and microbial diseases by increasing the body's defenses.
3) Emanagogo (makes the rules)
4) antalgic.
5) Solvents agglomerations of fat.
6) Antirheumatic.

Internal Use chamomile oil: 2 to 4 drops at noon and at night in one tablespoon of honey, hot soy milk, or sugar infusion. Preferably after meals.

Chamomile oil Directions: Antonia Digestive and intestinal conditions. Rules difficult and painful, rejuvenation. Algias rheumatism and lower back. Pulmonary problems, tuberculosis, pneumonia, influenza.

External use chamomile essential oil:
In friction or massage to remove cellulite plates. In clarifying hair friction and becomes more brown hair blond hair blonde

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