Marmoreck. Homeopathy

(Obtained by injecting horse serum with youth culture filtrates of Koch's bacilli)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Marmoreck
1 People nervous, hypersensitive, anxious and agitated.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Marmorek
2 - () progressive thinning with or without fever hits, but always accompanied by anorexia and constipation. Tuberculosis at the beginning.
Tuberculin have never been fat. TB skin fever, worse tomorrow.
3 - () Aggravation: strain or prolonged exercise (weight loss, fever, etc..), Both physical and mental before menstruation. Amelioration: at rest.
4 - () Dolores violent, sharp, jerking or tearing, which appear suddenly and are erratic, suddenly changing the ubicacionn; can ber neuralgic, muscle, bone or joint.
5 - () cervical adenopathy, inguinal or axillary. Fistulas bony without any tendency to heal, with secretion and fever, even in patients without a history of tuberculosis, to the 30th, sandals dose 10 to 15 days (L. Vannier).
SPECIFIC Marmoreck
6 - () pale, sometimes with red cheeks. Lips dry, bright red in the middle, and covered with dry skin in small skin edges, white or crusty and forcing him to lick her lips often.
7 - () Dry mouth. The language is always dry, red, smooth and polished.
8 - () Anorexia absolute.
9 - () Constipation without any desire to move the belly, hard, dry stools.
10 - () Chest pain, localized or erratic, abrupt in its appearance and tearing. The chest is painful to percussion.
11 - () Fever in accesses to irregular oscillations, which occur abruptly, lasting several days, then disappeared. The temperature elevation is considerable, is often a reverse type, but high in the morning, accompanied by chills and accented, marked prostration and dry skin. Often there is also the morning feverishness.
12 - (), dry skin, there is little or no sweating even in the fever hits.
Granular appearance of the skin, like a miliary rash, especially located in the back and trunk, and may or may not be itchy. Rash bright red, with violent itching.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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