Massage Therapy: Qualities of the trainer

Qualities of the trainer or therapist

- Be able to convince of the benefits of massage. Psychological skills.

- You have to be balanced, calm and patient.

- All operations should be smooth and rhythmic.

- Keep hands dry, warm, elastic, strong, agile, light, soft. With pads round, capable and sensitive to differences in the tensions of the tissues manipulated.

- Dolls strong and resilient, without erosions. If they are painful bandage even if they lose some agility.

- Nails short, filed, and clean.

- Wash hands before and after each massage.

- Hands should "pat" the patient's skin, producing a sensation of pleasure.

- Not expected to increase pain or produce an unpleasant sensation.

- Knowledge of anatomy.

- Know indications and contraindications.

- Have experience in these types of treatments.

- Give 10 to 15 regular sessions to be effective.

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