Massage Therapy: Session qualities. Media sliding

Qualities of the massage session
1 .- Ritmo. Slowly at first, slowly increasing the pace fast and finishing strong at the end.

2 .- Intensity. Maneuvers to be soft at first and strongest in the end without being painful. Always pleasant and relaxing sensations occur.

3 .- The pressure must be superficial in the beginning to the end without going deep pain.

4 .- Time from 20 to 40 minutes. The body takes about 10 minutes to warm up at least. Should take into account the extent of the treatment area. The sensitivity of the patient, and the problem to be addressed.

Media sliding

Vegetable oils without unpleasant odors, petroleum jelly, talc, etc..
The rosemary and lavender oil reduce pain. You can use other scents depending on conditions.

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