Massage Therapy: Types and effects of massage

Classification of Massage Therapy:

Deportivo: to develop and strengthen muscle strength. To relieve muscle fatigue. To aid in training and competitions reset both before and after this.

Healing: Treating trauma and disease. To restore lost or weakened bodily functions.

Hygienic preventive type, boosts immunity.

Aesthetic skin care. Prevents the effects of aging. Smooths wrinkles and fat. Increase the beauty.

Effect of Massage Therapy

- It is a means of treating and preventing diseases.

- Can be relaxed to relieve a headache.

- Also exciting, you can remove laziness.

- Assist the blood and lymphatic circulation.

- Helps eliminate spasms and tension.

- Helps eliminate toxins.

- Nourishes bones and helps to expel mucus.

- Supply the nutrients muscle cell renewal following its vasodilator effect.

- It helps the drainage and disposal of toxic substances to the cell, which are eliminated through the circulation of venous and lymphatic return.

- Serve as technical school or correction to any osteopathic manipulation.

- Complement of a wider program of rehabilitation treatment.

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