Medorrhinum. Homeopathy

(Gonococcinum; Nosode of Gonorrhea)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Medorrhinum

1 - () lives always in a hurry, hurried, busy, busy (better in the evening), and is very impatient, try to make things as quickly as possible, and even lost my breath for them, is fatigue. This attitude is closely related to the feeling that time passes very slowly to his nature or his taste, to the extent that it did an hour ago it seems that happened a week ago, and always thinks everyone move very slowly. This mode of feeling is also reflected in live excitedly and with great anticipation any future event, near or far, which can cause anxiety (as a quote), or else to keep in mind, even his death, by a special sensitivity to can capture events before they occur, and "ue are generally correct" (Allen) is a kind of clairvoyance. Moreover, in contrast to their usual trouble, tend to leave everything to the other day.

2 - () is forgetful, his memory is very poor; forgets his own name, and try to remember but can not remember names, common words and, above all, the initial letter of words has to ask the name of your best friend. Loses the thread of the conversation, because he forgets what he just said or what they will say he can not finish the sentence when speaking.
Can not remember what you just heard, read or think, or what's going to write. Have difficulty in exhibiting their symptoms, was surprised as well known eronuncia a word, we must repeat the questions when lost in the story. He is wrong in speaking and writing, has errors of time, present with past mistakes. Afraid to say or do things wrong when you have a headache or heaviness in the vertex cephalic.

3 - () All your impressions and pains are worse when thinking of them.

4 - () You feel guilty, and has intense remorse when he thinks his actions have not been correct. He reproaches himself, but hurts others reproach or reprimand. It has a great anxiety for their salvation, despair, or is desperate for the slightest criticism. Religious Affections, believes that this condemned man, who's going to hell. This guilt can induce suicidal thoughts, it would carry out firing a shot, sadly.

5 - () cries while talking about your illness and your symptoms, can not speak without mourn, and also when spoken to, and feels better after mourn.

6 - () Fear: death, darkness, disgrace or misfortune of ghosts when he wakes up, to madness.

7 - () Intellectually, concentrates hard, especially about abstract issues, such as confusing, which actually prevented realize their own identity. This as dull, dull, absent. Stunned awakening. You aversion to mental work, because the mental effort it worse, so what excites or irritates him read or write. Mentally disabled children, often with parental history of gonorrhea, feeble-minded, imbeciles. Mongolism.

8 - () have hallucinations believes that people are rats or insects; think there is someone behind him, or sees or hears rustling or whispering, you see faces that watched him behind the curtains, believes that someone is walking behind you or persecuted and afraid, and also of something crawling out from every corner, you feel a gentle hand caressing his head from front to back. Everything seems unreal, like a dream, yet familiar things.

9 - () is hypersensitive: to be touched (and dislikes), noise (startle him), the contradiction (not allowed), the bad news (it produces disorders). The idea of marriage is unbearable. It scared or startled upon awakening.

10 - () Suddenly irritated by little things. Moody, sad day, slightly less in the evening, and night is calm or lively or restless, and "wants to play" (Allen). Children restless and grumpy, best in evening and night.

Perfectionist 11. Selfish.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Medorrhinum
12 - () For the constitutional effects of gonorrhea badly treated and removed, in female chronic conditions (oophoritis, salpingitis, cysts, fibroids, etc..) Dating of a gonorrheal infection, when there is a history or hereditary gonorrhea; in women flow with abundant, purulent or not, since their marriage; in children pale, emaciated, very small in size, arrested in their growth and mentally handicapped, mon parents who have had gonorrhea. In all these cases, Medorrhinum is indicated when the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve. Sycosis.

13 - () worse during the day (the opposite of Syphilinum), from dawn (when it is worse, 3 to 4 am) to sunset, and gets better towards evening, worse before and during storms, by the cold wet, after cooling, by currents of air, heat, capped by stretching or stretch, by the slightest movement for candy, in the mountains, thinking of his troubles (see 3), by the sun and the warmth of bed, and if they touch. This improved the sea (all conditions improve and disappear), upgrading of night, lying on his belly and in wet weather.
Left sided.

14 - () The child kneeling face down sleeping position Mohammedan, with his face buried in the pillow. That same position alleviates some of its symptoms: dyspnea, gastralgias, cough, etc..

15 - () state of collapse with cold sweat and skin cold and, despite that, they want to be uncovered, removed the covers and want to be continually shielded, wants fresh air. Lack vital heat. Great general depression of vitality.

16 - () Dolores arthritic or rheumatic sequelae of gonorrhea deleted, constricting, which seem to apretaran whole body aching everywhere, as if beaten. Acute neuralgia, errata, which appear and disappear suddenly; worst day, especially in the morning, better in damp weather and the sea.

Exhaustion 17 deep, worse morning on waking. Weakness from walking or after bowel movements. He walks hunched over.

18 Earthquakes everywhere (is subjective). Spasms and convulsions.

19 Major heat and soreness, with lymphadenopathy in the whole body. Heat or burning pain in the blood vessels, heat alternating with chills.

Desire and aversion of MEDORRIHINUM
20 - () insatiable desire alcoholic beverages, confectionery, savory and salt, beer, food acids, ice, green and orange fruit.

SPECIFIC Medorrhinum
21 - () Vertigo after having slept, as if intoxicated, worse from motion, better lying down, sometimes caused by a feeling of constriction in the head. Frontal headache with nausea and feeling of a tight band around his forehead, as if the skin is taut worse bending forward, with coryza and feeling that he was leaving his eyes. Headaches that improve on the shores of the Sea is awakened by headache, worse in the sunlight and the shaking of vehictdos (especially if frontal or occipital), the pains suddenly appearing and disappearing. Intense burning pain felt in the brain and cerebellum, extending into the column.
Violent headaches, with continuous and violent vomiting, followed by pain in the sacrum and lower limbs. Headache worse by coughing and by light. Head feels heavy and pull back. Buries her head on the pillow or dcha moves backward or from side to side to ease the pain. Have dandruff, and hair is dry and dull, with intense itching of the scalp.

22 - () Eyelids glued morning, inflamed, dry, excoriated and hot with red edges and falling of lashes. Pain in eyes as if they are taken out or torn out, especially when closed and when moved laterally. Tearing with burning sensation and sand under the eyelids. Induration of the upper eyelid or the edges. Paralysis of the upper eyelid, ptosis. Photophobia to artificial light. Puffiness under the eyes and upper eyelids. Vision cloudy. Go black or brown floaters. Double Vision. He sees things very small. Sensation of cold wind blowing in his eyes.

Deafness and 23 passing, with throbbing in the ears. Sense of deafness in one ear to another, as if the joining tube with hyperacusis. When whistles, whistling as he feels his double. Pains in quick succession in the right ear. Itching in the ear canal.

Nasal obstruction in 24 children, which is not relieved by other medications.
Nasal discharge ago. Intense internal burning in the nose on inspiration.
Accented nasal itching, must constantly rub. Tip of nose cold.
The nose falls asleep. Epistaxis. Anosmia. Thick nasal secretion, mucus, gray, or bloody. Tickling or tingling in the left side of tomorrow. Watery coryza with frontal headache, worse at 10.30 hours.

25 - () pale, sallow, yellowish or greenish earthy, sickly-looking, shiny, greasy, cereal. Pale lips, herpes on the lips, near the corners. Waves of heat in face and neck. Right facial neuralgia, extended to the temple. Sweating on the face or upper lip. Acne.
Freckles. Stiffness in the jaws and tongue.

26 The teeth have serrated edges, and easily become carious. Yellow teeth.

27 Language loaded, whitish at the base, with cold, the rest red, or brown. Unpleasant taste, and ugly in the morning, or to copper. Very painful blisters or pustules on the tongue and inside of lips peeled. Dry mouth, it feels as if burnt. Stringy mucus comes out of the mouth sleeping.

28 Dry throat, painful swallowing, he scraped, swollen, barely able to swallow, with coryza; thrush. The pharynx is constantly full of mucus retronasal thick, gray, or bloody.

29 - () Ravenous hunger, even right after eating. Extreme thirst and constant
to this drinking sounds. Hiccups. Belching ineffective and incomplete. Nausea after drinking and eating (or earlier), with frontal headache. Retching and vomiting: mucous, aqueous, bilious or coffee grounds, sometimes with intense headache and feeling of impending doom, and is praying constantly during the paroxysms. In the epigastrium feel: like needles that pierce the flesh eating languor that does not improve, tremors, burning. Felt in the stomach as a foreign body after eating, or cramps that forced him to lie on his stomach or bend your knees against the abdomen.
eastralgias violent, sometimes with a feeling of emptiness and lassitude terrible, especially at 2 am, which improve after eating. Belching with odor or taste to food or rotten eggs.

30 - () Terrible pains in liver, thinks he will die, radiating to the right shoulder, with nausea and vomiting, burning in right hypochondrium.
Pains in the spleen. Stomach pains as if coming during menstruation or diarrhea. Pain from the ovary to the lower edge of the liver, or Cutting from the right side and lower abdomen to the spermatic cord on that side, with very painful testicle. Vertical heartbeat or pulse in the abdomen.

31 - () You can only move your bowels, strongly inclined backward, and "with much pain, as if a lump on the back of the sphincter, the pain makes him mourn" (Allen). Constipation and fecal pellets, clay, adherent and difficult to expel, by force can not make a sensation of rectal prolapse; feeling of constriction and rectal inertia.
Bilious stools or diarrhea with white, watery, warm, slimy, with severe pain and followed by great weakness. Copious mane, sometimes in large masses coagulated, followed by shivering. Black stools. Needle-like pains in the rectum. Humidity anal with very bad smell, a brine. Diarrhea after the removal of gonorrhea. Infantile diarrhea. Rectal tenesmus spread to the bladder or while urinating. Pruritus ani.

32 - () severe renal colic, sharp pains in the ureters and kidneys, which improve after urination, "with the feeling that pass load and with a great desire to eat ice" (Allen). Nocturnal enuresis: nightly eliminates enormous amounts of urine, dark and ammonia; from overuse, or play a lot, or extreme heat or cold, is one of the most important remedies for enuresis, especially when well selected remedy fails or is history of gonorrhea in the parents. Vesico painful rectal tenesmus when urinating. Strong-smelling urine, covered with a thick, greasy film. Diabetes. Download urethral gonorrhea, acute or chronic, profuse, purulent or yellowish, with sore and agglutination urethra meatus. "Drop the military." Weak stream of urine with cutting section at the root of the penis to get the first drops.

33 - () Enlarged prostate weak jet. Suppressed gonorrhea prostatitis. Nocturnal emissions followed by great weakness semen watery with no clothes stiff or too thick you can barely get out, or opaque white threads. Intense and frequent erections day and night, or impotence, no erections. Condylomata on glans and foreskin. The testis and epididymis are hard after a gonorrhea and swollen; orchitis suppression of gonorrhea, epididymitis.

34 - () Aversion to coitus in women, with lack of orgasm, or excessive sexual desires, especially after menstruation, with waves of heat and cold breasts. The breasts and especially nipples are sore and tender to the touch, and are cold as ice to touch, and the rest of body warm (during menstruation). Menses copious, very cscuras or black, leaving the stains difficult to wash clothes, or blood rojobrillante. Metrorrhagia: at menopause copious for weeks, dark, clotted, foul, in spurts, moving, and in malignancies of the uterus. Intense menstrual colic, with bent knees and thighs and terrible pains of childbirth and bearing down, and press your feet against the headboard as in childbirth. Pains in the left ovary, as if about to explode, and extending to the left groin.
Pain in right ovary, followed by a bubbling sensation. Flow albuminous; irritating odor of brine, or yellow and copious. Itching in the vagina and labia, worse at the thought. Cankers on the edge of the right lip. Pain in the breast from the inside out. Painless nodule in the left breast. Bleeding nipples. Sterility. Large left ovary.

35 - () Hoarseness with great dryness in the larynx, especially in reading, with severe pain on swallowing. Larynx painful as if ulcerated. Spasm of glottis.
Asthma by cold damp, especially in children, better at the lake, during the attack, asks to be outdone, and dyspnoea is relieved only acostodo on his stomach or on her face and sticking his tongue "(Allen) or on knees and elbows, or knees and support the chest on a chair or bed.
Dyspnea was aggravated by the slightest exertion or lying on the left side and the expiration (can not exhale the inspired air) feels obstructed larynx. Cough: dry, incessant, intense, worse at night, when falling asleep or waking up, lying down, for sweets; by incessant tickling behind upper sternum, coughing terrible, painful, as if larynx would break into pieces or out to start the mucosa, with profuse mucous secretion and adherent grayish, mixed with blood, coughing deep, hollow, as if cough in a barrel, always lying on his belly. Hot breath. Coughing up small white or yellowish green balls and bitter frothy, hard drive, with many black dots or transparent. Pains in the left apex and constricted feeling in both vertices. Chest pain when touched or when coughing, lungs feel as hurt or beaten. Feeling, through the middle and lower sternum, as if a pocket of one side of the chest, full of hot air. Or incipient acute pulmonary tuberculosis.

36 - () chest pain, from base to apex of the heart, the left hand extended, with palpitation efforts. He feels very warm heart, big and tachycardic, with pop sensation, extending to the back and left arm. Feel like a cavity where it should be the coraz6n. Chest pain radiating to different parts of the left side of the chest, worse from least motion.

37 - () Intense burning heat in the column, starting at the neck and extending to the coccyx, with contraction and stiffness, worst in the morning and stretching, burning pain between the shoulder blades and in the cervical and lumbar areas. Rheumatic pains in the back, which is stiff and sore to the touch, pain throughout the spine, especially in the lumbar vertebrae, worse when touched. Pain in sacrum, tailbone and hips extended to, embers below. Drawing on his neck, wanting to bring the head back. Contracture of the sternocleidomastoid, with his chin to his chest. Low back pain strain or lift weights.

38 - () Loss of strength in the limbs, are exhausted from the slightest exertion.
It numbs the left upper limb and left thigh and leg.
You feel warm in the palms and hands, and more still, hot, feet, need to uncover or screened hand and foot. Cold hands, first right then left, legs and feet cold; the best uncovered.
Trembling hands and arms. The Medorrhinum rheumatism, gonorrhea usually resulted in a suppressed, has well defined characteristics: they are aggravated with the first movements and better when the movements are continuing, are worse during storms, day and from cold and moisture. Rheumatic pains in the shoulders, which run from left to right, the worse when lifting the arm. When walking, has pain in the hips, knees and legs, heaviness, weakness and tremors in the legs. Deformity of the joints of the fingers, with large and swollen knuckles. Painful swelling of all joints.
Cracking joints, elbows on everyone. Dorsum rough hands.
Yellow spots on the hands. A incurved or with a transverse depression. Left sciatica, often coated tongue and maiiana worse, according to Burnett, Medorrhinum cured with half of cases of sciatica on that side. Intense restlessness in the legs and feet, forcing him to move constantly, can not stand still, with leg pains, especially when you relax at night in bed trying to sleep. Great tenderness or pain in the soles and heels, especially when walking, you can not, or has to walk on your knees "(Allen).
Plants and calf cramp at night. The twist was easily ankles when walking. Swelling and painful stiffness of the ankle. The lower limbs ache all night, preventing sleep. Terrible burning in arms and legs during a thunderstorm. Edema in the legs, especially in the ankles and feet, followed by diarrhea and improved. Rashes on feet and hands. Fist. Cold feet and sweaty.
Painful corns.

39 - () Spasmodic yawning, can not avoid them. Asleep, but hears and answers questions as if he were awake. She bites the tip of the tongue sleeping. You can only sleep on their backs and their hands on their heads, or Mohammedan position (see 14). Frightful dreams, with ghosts, dead, drinking or walking. Sleeplessness before midnight.

40 - () Shivering before urination or urgency, and after improvement, or has too after urination. Chills going up and down the back, of 15 to 16 hours. Fever with or without thirst, with sweat in streams in the face, with concern from 24 to 3, falls asleep during fever.
Profuse night sweats. Burning heat in the body seems to burn in the blood vessels.

41 - () clammy skin, yellowish. Condylomata bleeding. Warts * mall, stalked and pointed. Incessant and intense itching, worse at night, sometimes on one side of the body, thinking of the worse, the itching is so intense that he must scratch until they bleed. Very red scalds in babies, covering perineum, anus, genitals and hypogastric worse by washing (burning and pain). Yellow spots on the hands. Tina in the head. Coppery spots.
Favus. Segregating Eczema and crusted. Tingling intense and widespread.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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