Melilotus. Homeopathy

(Melifoto White and Yellow)
1 - () Fear of danger or be arrested, wants to run, run away and hide, want to go home, afraid to speak up, speak in whispers, believes that each person looks at it. Religious melancholy with intense congestion of the head, face red and pounding endarterectomy.
Insania. Delirium during the headache. Think there is a devil in your stomach that contradicts everything he says. He thinks there's something supernatural in always wake up a few minutes before 3. Mistrust. Big.
2 - () Total inability to study, can not hold anything in his memory.
Omits words or letters in writing. Indolent, can not fix the attention, stupid, indifferent. Unconsciousness or stupor, with epistaxis.
3 - () Quick-tempered, impatient, dissatisfied, all of censorship; furious, locks herself in her room. Desire to kill, or killing others or who approaches it.
4 The blushes, blushes. Crying spells without much depression.
5 - () The main feature of this drug is congestion, local or general, in any part or organ, which is relieved or improved markedly by bleeding, and are accompanied or preceded always an intense reddening of the face with afujo of blood to the head and pounding endarterectomy. Bleeding is heavy and bright red.
Engorgement of blood vessels in any organ or body part.
6 - () Aggravation: before a storm, in rainy weather, changes of time, by motion, at 16 hours and walking. Amelioration: by bleeding, by profuse urination (Gels.) and sitting. Periodicity in the appearance of some symptoms.
7 - () Seizures in children during the teething nervous. Epilepsy from head trauma. Eclampsia. Tired, sore.
8 Alternate pains: the right temple to his right knee, headaches, alternating with back pain.
9 - () The head is the major site of action of Melilotus, manifesting with severe congestive headaches, often accompanied by vertigo, lightheadedness, nausea, sensation of throbbing and bursting in the carotid arteries and in vessels of the brain (as if they would burst and produced there an injury), with very red or purple face and bloodshot eyes, culminating in a eptstaxis or onset of menstruation which greatly improves the pain. The headaches, which can be periodic (every one to four weeks) and appear especially in winter, are aggravated by movement or by thinking, and improves when lying or profuse urination. Headache with vomiting, retching, cold hands and feet and see black spots. Undulating sensation in the brain. Heaviness, fullness and oppression over the entire head. Neuralgia on the right side of head and neck. Scalp sore and tender.
10 Ojos hot, heavy, aching, as if pressed outward, better if you close your eyes strong. Feeling that the eyes are very large, as if the lids could not cover them, heaviness of eyelids. Vision cloudy, rubs eyes can not focus. Floaters when studying.
11 Sensacion eat a gust of wind coming out the ears every time you swallow.
12 - () Excessive dryness and obstruction of the nose has to breathe through the mouth. Nasal scabs dry and hard. Epistaxis frequent and copious blood bright red, preceded by intense redness of the face and pounding on the carotids, followed by a general improvement.
Epistaxis with high fever and violent congestion of face and head.
13 - () Grand flushing, which is very stuffy and hot, flushed, often with strong beats of the carotid preceding bleeding (especially the nose, lungs and uterus) or accompanying headache.
14 Pain on the left side of the throat with painful dysphagia.
15 - () Appetite decreased or capricious, greedy at 10 am, we begin a frontal headache. Stomach fully, when constipated.
Sour belching all day, with burning. Distension of the stomach with flatulence, worse during menstruation. Vomiting in migraine.
19 - () Tickling in throat with cough and dyspnea. Dry, spasmodic cough very troublesome, with great anxiety, then a small and difficult expectoration something that makes it better, can not lie on his side because of the oppression. Heavy feeling in the chest with suffocation and need to loosen clothing. Pulmonary congestion violent sensation of fullness in the chest and dyspnea, hemoptysis by improving the whole picture.
20 - () Pain in the lumbo sacral joint, as if broken, worse sitting (and more if this erect), must constantly shift position to alleviate, or hitting or pressing there, better standing or walking.
21 Discomfort in joints of limbs, with stiffness and pain! Laid on rising, moving with care, rheumatic pains in all joints before rain or rainy weather. Brazos heavy lifting has a hard time. They sleep, and painful knees, first right, then left, sometimes with beats. Pains in the hip joint, in the right leg near the knee, better by motion. Cutting pains in the knees alternating with headache.
Members cold.
22 Somnolence, or alternating with insomnia sleep at night. Insomnia: wakes up regularly at 3, and not go back to sleep, sometimes for unpleasant ideas. Dream with arguments. He seems to have his head held high, even without a pillow.
Chills 23 to 10 hours, starting at the back or neck, and go up to the vertex, or noon, with gastralgias and flatulence, or all morning, with cold hands and feet
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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