Melon. Quince. Molasses. Peach

Melon has 60% of alkaline salts. Recommended for all ages. It is refreshing and purifying. In its content in vitamins A and B is a laxative food. Good cleanser and detoxifier for producing biological washing. Excellent means of providing water to the body.

: It appetizer, stomachic, astringent and beneficial for the liver.

Molasses: It is considered a "superfood" by some authors. It contains all the B vitamins, except the B1. It contains plenty of iron, copper, calcium and magnesium. It replaced the white sugar with honey. When darker the higher the nutritional value it has.

Peach: This is a highly alkaline fruit. It is very digestible. It is a food oxidant and astringent, diuretic, laxative, blood tonic, calms the nerves and stimulates the glands. It is a detoxifying food. You do well to everyone.

*Automatic Translation