Meningitis. Symptoms

Definition of Meningitis
Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges, ie the membranes that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord nerve tissue.

Meningitis Symptoms: Incubation Period
* During the incubation period of about 3-6 days, the patient feels no symptoms, except in some cases, a cooling of a catarrhal.

Meningitis Symptoms: Illness declared
* Severe headache
* Malaise
* High fever (up to 40 degrees or more) with severe chills
* Nausea and vomiting
* Pain in the spine (back pain) and neck
* In severe cases: seizures and delirium.
* The mucosa of the pharynx is seen with red and swelling.

We will describe these symptoms in more detail.

Symptoms of meningitis: headache
* Headache or headache is continuous, violent, intense, located throughout the head and becomes stronger with movement, position changes, fits of coughing, etc., And even slight noises. The pain is so intense that the person may even cry.

Meningitis Symptoms: Vomiting
* Vomiting is usually persistent and repeated, ie, appears on an empty stomach and has no relation with food intake.

Symptoms of meningitis: general Hyperaesthesia
* The sensitivity is very pronounced to any external stimulus, even a mild (pressure, strokes, noise, bright light, etc..), Which increases the person's general malaise.

Symptoms of Meningitis: Hypertonia and muscle contracture
* This is manifested mainly in the abdominal muscles, with sullen and sunken belly and in the neck and back, with a stiff neck and spine.

Symptoms of Meningitis: Trismus
* It is the inability to open his mouth by the contraction of the muscles of the jaw

Symptoms of Meningitis: The position
The patient's position is the result of this generalized state of contracture:
* Kernig's sign: it is instinctive and forced flexion of the thighs on the pelvis, and legs on the thighs, when inviting the patient to sit still in bed.
* Brudzinski's sign: flexion of the legs on the thighs, when attempting to forcibly flex his head on the neck.
* Binda's sign: elevation of the shoulder on one side when the patient's head flexed to the opposite side.

Other symptoms of meningitis
* They can sometimes also occur herpetic vesicles on the lips and nose and slight paralysis of eye muscles, resulting in double vision, strabismus or an object.
* Red dermographism: emergence of a persistent red streak on the skin along a line marked with a fingernail or a sharp object.
* The pulse may be weak and frequently
* The tongue becomes rough and dry
* Constipation
* The constant high fever and the first days after a course is variable and irregular
* From the point of view may occur neuropsychic: convulsions, delusions, agitation alternating with drowsiness.

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