Mentha piperita (mint). Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Mentha piperita
1 Stunned by getting up early. Insensitivity.
GENERAL of Mentha piperita
2 - () Your symptoms are worse when standing up, cold air, the smoke
talking loudly on stooping to turn his head and writing. Better:
while lying down and eat.
SPECIAL of Mentha piperita
3 headache with tension in both ears, worse when standing up, better to go back to bed, pain from the ear to the head, twisting or stooping. Headache of a temple to the other.
4 Go lightning when writing.
5 Dolores from one ear to another while walking, worse in left. Acute left otalgia, extended to the teeth on that side, he writes.
6 The tip of the nose is painful to the touch, swollen.
7 - () Dry throat and painful swallowing. The throat on the outside is tender. Sharp pains at times in the parotid, better eating.
0dontalgias in lower molars, worse if you eat sugar.
8 - () Weight in the stomach two hours after dinner, which seems to extend to the ears. Swollen belly, not sleep. Colic in the child. Biliary colic with great flatulence.
9 - () Tenderness in the larynx, trachea and suprasternal fossa. Hoarseness for reading aloud or singing (you can remove the problem since a few hours before returning to singing). Dry cough (Mentha piperita is a dry cough which is Arnica Aconite to trauma or acute inflammation [Demeures]), worse from talking, for the least inspiration of air (especially if it is cold or foggy), in cold weather, reading aloud and snuff smoke or whatever. Influenza. Almost never is expectoration.
10 All around the neck muscles are tender.
Feeling that the shoe pinches on the bottom right metatarsal.
11 Every scratch becomes a back injury. Granites very itchy, with local heat near the left ear. Itching behind the right ear. Tingling in arm and hand when writing. Vaginal itching. Herpes zoster.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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