Menyanthes. Homeopathy

(Menyanthes trifoliata Bogbean)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Menyanthes
1 Anxiety and apprehension, especially chest, as if something bad happens.
2 tearfulness, morose and reflective. Or too gay. 0
indifferent to everything.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Menyanthes
3 - () Spasmodic twitching, muscle tremors and startles anywhere, especially when at rest, just lie down or sit starting to be big or small shocks and can not rest, everything rises and disappears just stand or walk or moves, especially on face, eyelids, thighs, calves and chest muscles.
4 - () Tension especially located in the root of the nose, the arms, hands and fingers and, in general, across the skin, like a number of steps smaller than the body, and this was trapped or squeezed into it .
5 - () Aggravation: at rest or lying down or rising and dusk. Amelioration: moving, pressing the part with the hand and stooping.
6 - () algidity feeling cold or intense, especially marked in the stomach, hands and feet (which are frozen) and the tip of the nose, ears, esophagus and stomach and spine.
7 hits, or jumpiness pains or pins and needles, or stitches or cramps, sometimes with the numbness.
8 Great general weakness, especially walking, and tremors.
Desire and aversion of Menyanthes
9 - () I want meat. Aversion to bread and butter, or both together.
SPECIFIC Menyanthes
10 - () Headache with pressure on the crown of top-down or on the forehead, like something heavy * i pressed him to climb stairs, and at each step and improving pressing hard with your hand or walking or leaning forward; with frozen hands and feet and sometimes with confusion that improvement outdoors.
Occipital headache when sitting, better duck. Burning pain in the forehead skin. Vacuum in the head after dinner, or confusion.
11 Vision cloudy or looks all black, to read. Frequent spasmodic rigidity of the eyelids. Pressure on the eyes.
Popping or tinnitus in 12 ears when chewing. Discharge from the ear after a rash.
13 you smell like rotten eggs. Tension in the root of the nose.
14 - () Face red and hot during sleep. Heat in the face with cold feet.
Visible and painless twitching muscles of the face and eyelids. Pain and temporomandibular joint cracks in the jaw when chewing.
15 - () sensation of paralysis on the left side of the mouth, yawning and coughing. Great dryness in the throat, without thirst. Dryness of the palate, with stitches on swallowing; has trouble swallowing saliva. Boca bitter sweet.
16 Bulimia sometimes after dinner. Belching. Stomach cramps or heat followed by excessive appetite, calms eating a snack. Rumbling in the stomach, as if it were hollow. Sensation of cold that extends to the stomach, with nausea.
17 - () Cold feeling in stomach, morning on rising. Scalding pain on the walls of the belly. Distention and fullness in the abdomen with gas and ineffective efforts of incarcerated flatus. Pinching in the belly.
18 Constipation with hard stool. Bleeding hemorrhoids.
19 Frequent desire to urinate, with scanty urination.
20 Increased sexual desire, without crecciones. Testicles retracted upward, but the right. Spermatic cord painful to touch.
21 Hoarseness in speaking with ears plugged. Stitching on the front of the larynx, which prevents him from swallowing. Spasmodic contraction of the larynx and cough on inspiring. Dyspnea. Pressure on the sides of the chest. Stitches on the right side of the chest, worse when moving or breathing.
22 - () Anxiety chest as if to go wrong. Precordial stitching or drawing pains, worse after eating. Bradycardia during tachycardia with chills and fever.
23 Stiffness and heaviness in the muscles of neck and nape. Low back pain while standing and stooping. Pains in the left shoulder blade, made out the other side. Tearing pain between the shoulder blades, extending downward, especially when breathing deeply, sitting disappears and reappears when walking.
24 - () Spasmodic drawing and tearing in arms, hands and fingers. Stiffness in the arms spasmodic, involuntary retraction of the fingers. Cramping pains in the muscles of the forearm, extended to the palm. Painful shocks in the arm and right pinky. Dolores twitch as if beaten and thighs. The leg and thigh are spasmodic rights shaken up when sitting, standing dejor. Feet and hands frozen (see 6). Shocks in the legs just lie (see 3).
25 - () Chills that improve in the warmth of the stove or the room.
Shivering in the upper body (yawn) or legs with goosebumps. Processes algidity febrile or predominance of cold or cold areas in the body (see 6). Intermittent fever, with belly cold, or hot head and cold feet. Sweating just go to bed at night and lasting until the morning.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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