Mephitis. Homeopathy

(Mephitis Putorius The Skunk)
1 Inability to mental work, by vivid imagination, too talkative, as if drunk. Excitation, with heat in the head. Irritability over trifles.
2 Sadness, with aching muscles. Indolence, wanting to stretch.
3 - () Worse: at night and at dawn, by touch, at rest or lying down. Better: sitting upright in motion by cold, which very well tolerated, the point of being nice to wash or bathe with cold water.
4 - () Waves of color.
5 inner turmoil with great discomfort. Nervous exhaustion. Seizures.
Sensation of being hit by electric sparks.
Desire and aversion of Mephitis
Desire for salty 6.
7 - () Vertigo: suddenly stooping, sitting, moving the head or roll over in bed or in the evening. Confusion and bewilderment in his head, as if it had been enlarged, with moodiness and nausea. Violent headache, especially occiput, with sensation of fullness (as if pressed upwards), or as a weight or pressure. Headache from the movement of a vehicle. Pain over the eyes.
8 - () Pain in eyes as if they were pricked with needles, or to rotate, as if a foreign body or were too tired, or like fire in his eyes, or with heat and burning of morning and evening . Pain in the eyelids and burning at the edges, as if forming a stye. He opened his eyes seems to be broken glass. Intense eselerotica injection and redness of the conjunctiva. Eye strain disorders: confusion of the letters to read, looks cloudy, you are together, you can not see fine print, myopia, night blindness, low vision, with eye pain. Eyes worse in the evening.
9 earache; tearing in the ears or in the jaws and teeth.
Right ear red, hot, blistering and itching; erysipelas.
10 Nose dry. Epistaxis. Sneezing. Coryza with fluid secretions.
11 drawing or tearing pains in the teeth. Blunt trauma to the roots. Copper or a metallic taste. Tendency to cough, choking the reber or talk.
12 Nausea fasting. Belching. Hunger alternating with lack of appetite for tomorrow. Gastralgias. Gastric empty feeling nauseated.
13 Pain in hypochondria, or the stomach in the evening. Colicos like to have diarrhea, sometimes with movements in the stomach, cold, shivering and wants to urinate, better near a stove. Watery diarrhea.
14 Frequent desire to urinate, worse at night, with clear urine. Urine turbid, sediment, after having a fever.
Itching of the scrotum 15. Heat in the genitals.
16 excoriation of the vulva, and swelling of the labia.
17 - () The main field of action of Mephitis is the respiratory system.
It is considered one of the most important drugs in the cough or spasmodic and paroxysmal coughs from all sources, listed by fifth that occur regularly every 2 hours, violent, and where it seems like every attack will end your life; The cough is hollow, hoarse, and appears or worsens at night and after going to bed, after reading aloud or drink or speak during access, there is a laryngeal spasm, which is expressed by a scream, the child is blocked the expiration, you can not breathe the air, becomes cyanotic and must be lifted to react, and often have vomiting food and holds on because she hurt his genitals, then access is exhausted. Spasm of glottis when drinking or talking, or choking and drowning because the food enters the windpipe. False croup. There are always little or no expectoration. Asthma, as if inhaled fumes of sulfur, worse for cold drinks, coughing and night drinkers asthma or tuberculosis. Dolores and excoriated in the chest, worse when breathing deeply or moved. Pain in the ribs on the left, to touch or pressure to do, but especially when coughing or sneezing.
18 Pain in the right side of the neck. Tension in the muscles of the neck.
Pains in the column to move, and in the lumbar region of tomorrow.
19 - () Rheumatic pains in arms, hips, thighs, legs and feet. Arm tremor on her. Shocks in the hand. Feeling in the first phalanx of the finger, which induces stretching and doing crack. Pains in the knees. Sharp pain in his left foot. Pain in the heel.
Punctures in the big toe. Burning in the little finger. Burning and constant pain in corns. Agitation or restlessness in the legs, feeling vibrations in the lower limbs, and with warmth in feet and legs (with desire to take a bath of very cold feet) and insomnia at night.
20 - () Sleepiness after eating, even when you sleep in the company.
Yawning to produce tearing. Sounds with fire, water, spitting blood, loss; nightmares. He wakes up very early.
Hot 21 at night, wanting to urinate, and cramping. Heat in the head, genitals and legs at night.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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